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This page lists undumped arcade games.


[edit] 21st Century Entertainment

[edit] 3001 AD

[edit] 3D Group

[edit] 8ing / Raizing

[edit] A-1 Supply

[edit] Able

[edit] Ace Enterprise

[edit] Ace International

[edit] Ace Vending Corp

[edit] ACL Manufacturing

[edit] Acorn

[edit] Action Gaming

[edit] Action Video

[edit] Adrenaline Amusements

[edit] Advanced Video Technology (AVT)

[edit] AEA

[edit] Afega

[edit] AGM (Arcade Game Maker)

[edit] Air Combat School

[edit] Alca

[edit] Alfa System

[edit] Allegro, Inc.

[edit] Allied Leisure

[edit] Allumer

[edit] Alpha Denshi (ADK)

[edit] Alpha Trading Co. Ltd.

[edit] Alstate Group

[edit] Altare Advanced Technologies, Inc.

[edit] Alternate Worlds Technology

[edit] Altron

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Alvin G

[edit] Alway Electronic Components

[edit] AM Games

[edit] Amedio

[edit] Americade

[edit] American Alpha

[edit] American Laser Games

[edit] American Suntronics

[edit] Amstar Electronics

[edit] Amtec

[edit] Amuse World

[edit] Amusement World

[edit] Amutech

[edit] Amutronics

[edit] Amuzy

[edit] Andamiro

[edit] ANES

[edit] Angel Studios

[edit] Antares Virtual Reality Systems

[edit] Apple Industries

[edit] AQ Interactive

[edit] Aqua Thought

[edit] Arc System Works

[edit] Arcadia

[edit] Aria

[edit] Arika

[edit] Art

[edit] Art & Magic

[edit] Artic / ATW

[edit] Aruze

[edit] ASC (Amusement Systems Corporation)

[edit] Astec21

[edit] Astro Corp.

[edit] Astropick Inc

[edit] Atari

[edit] Atari / Kee Games

[edit] Athena

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Atlus

[edit] Avranches Automatic

[edit] Axlon, Inc.

[edit] A.W. Electronics

[edit] B Soft

[edit] Bailey International

[edit] Bakoo

[edit] Bally-Midway

[edit] Bally / Sente

  • Euro Stocker (SAC-I hardware, 1984)
  • Team Hat Trick
  • Trick Shot (SAC-I hardware, 1984?)

[edit] Bandai / Dimps

[edit] Banpresto

[edit] Banpresto / Dimps

[edit] Banpresto / Spike

[edit] Barko

[edit] Bell Coin Matics

[edit] Bellfruit

[edit] Belrare

[edit] Bertolino

[edit] BestCo

[edit] Betson

[edit] BG Video

  • Cosmic Wars
  • Firebird (bootleg of Space Firebird)
  • Moon Striker
  • Rally Cross (bootleg of Rally X)

[edit] Bifuca

[edit] Big A Korea

[edit] Blitz System Inc.

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Bluth Group

[edit] BMC

[edit] Bonanza Enterprises

[edit] Boram Corp.

[edit] Borden Technology Corp.

[edit] Brass International

[edit] Braze Technologies

[edit] Breshnahan Technologies

[edit] Bromley

[edit] Brunswick

[edit] Buchert Marketing

[edit] Bugeye Technologies

[edit] Bumwoo

[edit] Burkheister

[edit] Buxsan Trading

[edit] C Technologies Inc.

[edit] Cal Omega

  • 11.3 - Black Jack.
  • 14.7 - Nudge Bingo.
  • 15.0 - Punchboard.
  • 15.8 - Poker Montana.
  • 16.2 - Gaming Lottery.
  • 16.3 - Black Jack.
  • 16.5 - K.I.S.S. Poker.
  • 16.6 - Nudge Bingo.
  • 16.7 - Poker.
  • 17.0 - Poker.
  • 17.1 - Nudge Bingo.
  • 17.3 - Casino Poker.
  • 17.4 - Gin Gaming.
  • 17.7 - Keno.
  • 17.9 - AWP Poker.
  • 18.0 - Gin.
  • 18.2 - Amusement Poker.
  • 18.4 - Double Draw-Lebanon.
  • 18.8 - Poker-Lebanon.
  • 18.9 - Pixels (french).
  • 19.0 - Hi-Score Poker.
  • 19.1 - Super Blackjack.
  • 19.2 - AWP Poker.
  • 19.3 - Gin.
  • 19.4 - Pixels (french).
  • 19.7 - Ind. Wild Double-Up.
  • 19.9 - Double-Up Nudge.
  • 20.1 - Poker.
  • 20.5 - Blackjack?.
  • 20.7 - Double-Up Nudge.
  • 20.9 - Gaming Poker-Europe.
  • 21.1 - AWP Poker.
  • 21.2 - Video Slot.
  • 21.4 - Wild Double-Up Poker.
  • 21.5 - Double/Double Poker.
  • 21.6 - Wild Double-Up?.
  • 21.7 - Poker?.
  • 21.9 - Amusement Poker.
  • 22.1 - Poker.
  • 22.8 - Tennesee Wild Poker.
  • 22.9 - Double/Double Poker.
  • 23.2 - Pixels.
  • 23.7 - AWP Blackjack.
  • 24.2 - Export Poker.
  • 24.3 - Gaming Blackjack.
  • 24.5 - Wild Double-Up.
  • 24.8 - Poker (discard).
  • 24.9 - Poker (hold).
  • 25.3 - 4-Card Bingo-Gaming.
  • 25.4 - Indian 4-Card Bingo.
  • 25.5 - Wild Double-Up Poker.
  • 25.6 - Mr. Domino.
  • 25.7 - Mr. Domino.
  • 25.8 - Poker.
  • 26.3 - Wild Double-Up Poker.
  • 26.5 - 4-Reel Slot.
  • 26.6 - Poker.
  • 26.8 - Wild Double-Up Poker.
  • 27.1 - Tourney Gaming Poker.
  • 27.3 - Export Poker.
  • 27.4 - Keno II.
  • 27.5 - Keno (Austria).
  • 27.6 - Slot 8.
  • 27.9 - 3-Reel Slot, Gaming.
  • 28.0 - 3-Reel Slot.
  • 28.2 - Hotline.
  • 28.5 - Hotline.
  • 29.0 - Stand or Draw Poker.
  • 30.0 - Casino 21.
  • 31.0 - Poker (discard).
  • 32.0 - Poker (hold).
  • 33.0 - Keno.
  • 34.0 - Keno (Austria).
  • 35.0 - 1-3 Sign Poker (discard).
  • 36.0 - 1-3 Sign Poker (hold).
  • 37.0 - Amusement Keno.
  • 39.0 - 3-Reel Slot (SBARCG graphics).
  • 39.0 - 3-Reel Slot (PLAIN7CG graphics).
  • 39.0 - 3-Reel Slot (JWCG graphics).
  • 40.0 - Poker w/Wild Card.
  • 41.0 - Do-it-yourself Bingo.
  • 42.0 - Mr. Domino.
  • 43.0 - Export Poker.
  • 44.0 - Tourney Poker (discard).
  • 45.0 - Tourney Poker (hold).
  • 46.0 - Gaming Poker.
  • 47.0 - 4-Card Indian Bingo.
  • 48.0 - Keno.

[edit] Capcom

[edit] Capcom / Bandai

[edit] Capcom / Banpresto

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Capcom / Namco

[edit] Capcom / SNK

[edit] Capitol Projector Corp.

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Carousel Entertainment

[edit] Casino Electronics

[edit] CATS / Seibu

[edit] Cave

[edit] CCG MetaMedia

[edit] CCI

[edit] CD Express

[edit] Cecropia

[edit] Central Leisure System

[edit] Centuri

[edit] Century Consolidated

[edit] Century Electronics

[edit] Chameleon

[edit] Cheongsol

[edit] Cherry Leisure / Cherry Företagen

[edit] Chicago Coin

[edit] Chicago Gaming Company

[edit] Cinematronics

[edit] Cirsa

[edit] CLS

[edit] CMC

[edit] Coast To Coast Ent.

[edit] Coastal Amusement

[edit] Cobaltray

[edit] Coinex

[edit] Coinmaster

[edit] Comad

[edit] Comercial Electronica

[edit] Competitive Video

[edit] Compile

[edit] Compu-Games A/S

[edit] Computran

[edit] Coney Island Arcade

[edit] Cosat

[edit] Cosmic Animation Entertainment

[edit] Cosmo

[edit] Cosmos

[edit] Creation System

[edit] Creative Electronics And Software (CES)

[edit] Creative Worlds

[edit] Cromptons Leisure Machines

[edit] CTO-Catalana De Technologies

[edit] Current Technology

[edit] CyberDyne

[edit] Cybermind

[edit] Cybermind Canada

[edit] Cyberview

[edit] Cytech

[edit] D-Gate

[edit] Daejin

[edit] Daesung

[edit] Daido

[edit] Daigom

[edit] Dale Associates

[edit] Danbi

[edit] Danga Electronics

[edit] Dassì

[edit] Data East

[edit] Data East Pinball

[edit] Data East / Sega

[edit] Datamatic

[edit] Datsu

[edit] Deith Group

[edit] Delta Coin

[edit] Delta Factory

[edit] Deniam

[edit] Destron

[edit] Devecka

[edit] Dgpix

[edit] Digimatic Italia

[edit] Digital Controls

[edit] Digital Games

[edit] Digital Golf

[edit] Digital Silkroad

[edit] Digital Vehicle, Inc.

[edit] Dinamic

[edit] DiverBras

[edit] Domino

[edit] Dong In Soft Co

[edit] Dong Wha

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Dongmyeong

[edit] Dokwoo

[edit] Dooyong

[edit] Dore Game

[edit] Dr.Ing. Reiner Foerst GmbH

[edit] Drew Industries

[edit] Duksan Trading

[edit] Dynamo

[edit] Dynasoft

[edit] Dyna / Dynax / T-Top

[edit] E & E Automaten

[edit] E-plus

[edit] E.T. Marketing

[edit] Eagle Conversions Inc

[edit] East Technology

[edit] Eastern Commerce (ECI)

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Eastern Micro Electronics (EME)

[edit] Ecast

  • Infinity Upgrade Kit

[edit] Ecole Software

[edit] E-Con

[edit] E.G. Felaco

[edit] EGS

[edit] EIR Creative

[edit] Elaut

[edit] Elcon

  • Whiskey Barrel 6 Game (1975)

[edit] Elcon Industries

[edit] Eleco

[edit] Electra Games

[edit] Electrocoin

[edit] Electromotion

[edit] Electro-Sport

[edit] Electron Games G. Reichert

[edit] Electronic Arts

[edit] Electronic Sports

[edit] Elesoft Games

[edit] Elettronolo

[edit] Elmac

[edit] EMI

[edit] Empire / Razorworks / Sega Europe

[edit] Engineering Products

[edit] Entertainment Enterprises

[edit] Entertainment Sciences

  • Bouncer
  • Turbo Sub (newer revision wanted, has noticeable gameplay changes, uses 27512 graphics ROMs)

[edit] ENV

[edit] Eolith

[edit] Esco Trading

[edit] ESD

[edit] ESI Industries

[edit] Eterna / Sisteme

[edit] ETP

[edit] Eumjeong Syscom

[edit] Europa Coin

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Evans & Sutherland

[edit] Ever

[edit] Ever Denshi

[edit] Evoga

[edit] EXA Entertainment

[edit] Examu

[edit] Excel

[edit] Excellent System Ltd

[edit] Exidy

[edit] ExPotato

[edit] F2 System

[edit] Fabtek

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Face

[edit] Fakespace, Inc.

[edit] Falcon

[edit] Family Production Inc.

[edit] FDEK

[edit] Ferris Productions, Inc.

[edit] FGT

[edit] Firstenterprise

[edit] Four J International

  • The Destroyer From Jail (1991, licensed version of a Philko game?)

[edit] Free Enterprise Games

[edit] Friction Game Studios

[edit] Fuji

[edit] Fun Games

[edit] Fun House Games

[edit] Funai

[edit] Funworld

[edit] Fusence

[edit] Fuuki

[edit] G & G Sysco Corporation

[edit] G.A.A. (General Automated Amusements)

[edit] Gaelco

[edit] Galett

[edit] Galloping Ghost

[edit] Game Arts

No known undumped game at this time

[edit] Game Box Entertainment, Inc.

[edit] Game Corporation

[edit] Game IQ

[edit] Game Plus

[edit] Game Studio

[edit] Game Technology Inc.

[edit] Game World

  • Space Battles

[edit] Gameace

[edit] Game-A-Tron

[edit] Gameboss

[edit] GamePlan

[edit] Games Of Tomorrow Inc.

[edit] Gametech

[edit] GameTech (Korea)

[edit] Gametecniks

[edit] Gamex Amusements

[edit] GameWax

[edit] GamToU

[edit] Gayton Games

[edit] GCTech Co., LTD

[edit] General Computing

[edit] Giseong

[edit] Global Entertainment Systems, Ltd.

[edit] Global Star

[edit] Global VR

[edit] GM Game-Machine

[edit] GMA

[edit] GMS (Game Master System / Game Men System)

[edit] GoalStriker Group

[edit] Godori Co. Ltd.

[edit] Gold Soft

[edit] Golden Dragon Amusements

[edit] Goldmatic

[edit] Goodman Entertainment

[edit] Gottlieb

[edit] G-Planners Co.

[edit] GPS - Game Power System

[edit] Graphic Techno

[edit] Grayhound / Greyhound / GEI

[edit] Green

[edit] G-Rev

[edit] GreyStone Technology, Inc.

[edit] H J Soft Co

[edit] Halbu PC

  • Volcano (1999)

[edit] Hanaro

[edit] Hanil

[edit] Hanmed

  • Bonus Bingo (1999)

[edit] Hansol Enterprise

  • Let's Go To The Hello Kitty Castle (1999)
  • Night Rose

[edit] Harry Levy Amusements

[edit] Heiwa

[edit] Helco

[edit] Herb Home

[edit] Hewgin

[edit] Hicom

[edit] Hobibox

[edit] Hobbitron T.K. Trading Co. Ltd.

[edit] Hoei

[edit] Hoffman International

[edit] Holiday Golf

[edit] Homedata

[edit] Horizon Entertainment

[edit] Hot Games. Ltd

[edit] Hot-B

[edit] House Of Cards

[edit] Human Amusements

[edit] Hypaa

[edit] I G Spa

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] I Will Co.

[edit] I.C.E.

[edit] Igrosoft

[edit] IGS

[edit] Illusion, Inc

[edit] I.M. Co.

[edit] I'Max

[edit] Immersive Technologies

[edit] Impera

[edit] IMS

[edit] Inchang

  • Beautiful Flower Girl 3 (1999)

[edit] Incredible Technologies (IT)

[edit] Inder

[edit] Index Corp.

[edit] Indoor Golf Simulators

[edit] Injoy Motion

[edit] Innovations Amusement Gaming (IAG)

[edit] Innovative Coin

[edit] Inskor Entertainment

[edit] Instance Automatics

[edit] Interactive Imagery

[edit] Interactive Light

[edit] Interflip

[edit] International Laser Productions

[edit] International Leisure Systems

[edit] Interpark Games

[edit] Interzone 21

[edit] InTouch Games

[edit] IPM / Irem

[edit] Isermatic France

[edit] Ivics

[edit] Iwerks Entertainment

[edit] Ixs Research Corp.

[edit] Jaleco

[edit] Japan Bally Electronics

[edit] JCC Soft

[edit] Jeong-gyeong

  • Tonic Season (1999)

[edit] Jeongjin

  • Hard Target (1997)

[edit] Jesler Enterprises

[edit] Jetsoft

[edit] Jeutel

[edit] Jinsol

[edit] John Gille Co.

[edit] Joii Game Ideas

[edit] Joy Fantasy

[edit] Joy Tech

[edit] Joyland

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Joymax Technology Inc.

[edit] JPM

[edit] Jung-ang Leisure

  • Hexa (1998)

[edit] Jung-ang Mechatronics

  • Ssang Ssang (1998)

[edit] Jungwon

[edit] Justice Computer

[edit] Jooyoun

[edit] JVL

[edit] Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc.

[edit] Kamiya

[edit] Kaneko

[edit] Karam Trading

[edit] Karateco

[edit] Kasco Distributing Co.

[edit] Kato

[edit] Kawakusu

[edit] Kigyo Corp.

[edit] Kim Ung Che

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Kinky Kit and Game Co.

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Kinney Aero - Fightertown

[edit] Kit Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[edit] Kitronix (Kitset Electronics Limited)

[edit] Kiwako

[edit] KKI

  • Janpachi (1983)

[edit] KMG

[edit] KNT

[edit] Ko Bong Sil Up

[edit] KOAM

[edit] Konami

[edit] Korea Corporation

[edit] Kramer Mfg.

[edit] Kresa – Palma de Mallorca

[edit] KRM

  • Picture Trivia (1991)
  • Touch Tech 2000 (1991)

[edit] Kukmin

[edit] Kumyang

[edit] Kyle Hodgetts

[edit] L7 Soft

[edit] Lanhai Technology

[edit] Laser Shot Inc.

[edit] Laserdisc Computer Systems

[edit] Lazer-tron

[edit] LBE Systems / Intel

[edit] Leijac

[edit] Leisure & Allied Industries (LAI Games)

[edit] Leland

No known undumped games for the time being.

[edit] Level-5

[edit] LHC

[edit] Limenko

[edit] Logic

[edit] Logitec

[edit] Long Entertainment

[edit] Lowen Automaten

[edit] Magic Com

[edit] Magic Electronics

[edit] Magic Play

[edit] Mahou

  • All Star Volley

[edit] Mainline Computer Games

[edit] Major Manufacturers

[edit] Mama Top

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Mariah Entertainment

[edit] MarsaPlay

[edit] Marvelous AQL

[edit] Mastertronic

  • Hyper Bowl
  • Xenon II: Megablast

[edit] Matic Entratenimento

[edit] MaxFlight Corporation

[edit] McAfee Enterprises

[edit] MCR Incorporated

[edit] MD

[edit] Meadows

[edit] Mega Net & Tech Co., Ltd.

[edit] Memetron

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Merit Industries

[edit] Merkur

[edit] Metro

[edit] Meyco Games Inc.

[edit] Micro Manufacturing

[edit] Micro Sova

[edit] Micro System

[edit] Micronetics

[edit] Microtrain Ltd.

[edit] Midcoin

[edit] Midway

[edit] Miho

[edit] Milestone

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Min Corporation

[edit] Mirco

[edit] Mirinae

[edit] Mitchell

[edit] MIZI ING Co., Ltd.

[edit] MK Elec.

[edit] MM Computer Games

[edit] Mobilmatic

[edit] Model Racing

[edit] Moloney Manufacturing

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Mondo Virtuale

[edit] Monolith

[edit] Moppet Video

[edit] Moss

[edit] Multimedia Content

[edit] Myeonga

  • Nice Ball (1999)

[edit] Myimpa Export

[edit] Namco

[edit] Namco / Nintendo

[edit] Namco / Capcom / Nintendo

[edit] Namco / Magic Edge

[edit] Nanao

[edit] Nanotech Entertainment

[edit] Nazca

[edit] NEC

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Netdol

[edit] Nevada Novelty

[edit] New Dream Games

[edit] New Jatre

[edit] NG:Dev.Team

[edit] NGG Entertainment

[edit] Nichibutsu (Nihon Bussan)

[edit] Nicole

[edit] Niemer

[edit] Nihon Selmo

  • Guardian 3D Battle Simulator

[edit] Nintendo

[edit] Nippon Ichi Software

[edit] Nishi Nihon Hanbai

[edit] NMK

[edit] Noi

[edit] Northern Leisure Group

  • Desert Challenge Quad
  • Icerider
  • Icerider 2
  • Waverider

[edit] Nova

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Nova Apparate

[edit] Nova Games

[edit] Nova Productions

[edit] Novarmatic

[edit] NSM

[edit] Nuova Videotron

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Ocean

[edit] Oksan

[edit] Olympia

[edit] Omni Video

[edit] Omori

[edit] Oper-Video

[edit] Orca

[edit] Oriental Soft

[edit] P & E

[edit] Pacific Novelty

[edit] Pal System

[edit] Para

[edit] Para Enterprise

[edit] Paradigm Simulation

[edit] Paradise Co., Ltd.

[edit] Pars Electronics

[edit] Pentavision

[edit] Perception

[edit] Petaco

[edit] Phantom Systems

[edit] Philko

[edit] Picmatic

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Pipeline Games

[edit] Play Car

[edit] Play-On

[edit] Playbar

[edit] Playkit

[edit] Playmatic / Cidelsa

[edit] PlayPak Systems, Inc.

[edit] Play Works

[edit] PMC Electronics

[edit] Potomac Mortgage Company

[edit] Premier Technology

[edit] Prince

[edit] Project Support Engineering (PSE)

[edit] Promat

[edit] Psikyo

[edit] PurseOne

[edit] Quantum Industries

[edit] Quasimoto Interactive

[edit] R3 Interactive

[edit] Rain Ent.

[edit] Rainbow Games

[edit] Ramtek

[edit] Rassen

[edit] Raw Thrills

[edit] Raw Thrills / Taito

[edit] RAY

[edit] RB Bologna

[edit] Recel

[edit] Recreativos Franco

[edit] Red Baron Amusements

[edit] Rene Pierre

[edit] Retro-Tech

[edit] Richuang Technology Development

[edit] Ride & Show Engineering, Inc.

[edit] Rock-Ola

[edit] Rodeo

[edit] Rom Kikaku

[edit] Romagnoli

[edit] Romstar

[edit] Roxor Games

[edit] RS Co., Ltd.

[edit] Ryullim

[edit] Saero Entertainment

[edit] Saint-Fun

[edit] Sammy

[edit] Sammy / Arc System Works

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Sammy / Capcom

[edit] Sammy / Dimps

[edit] Samwon

[edit] Sanki Denshi Kougyou

No known undumped games at this time

[edit] Sankyo

[edit] Sanritsu

  • Change Leon (1982)
  • Janputer
  • Jantotsu Super (1983)
  • Quiz Jump (1983)
  • Red Selector (1982)
  • Ron 2-nin mahjong (1980)
  • Ron 2-nin mahjong 2 (1980)
  • Roppyakuken (1983)
  • Triple Punch

[edit] Saukwang

  • Chance Ball (1998)

[edit] Saurus

[edit] Saurus / Takumi

[edit] Science Engineering

[edit] Sealy Electronic Technology

[edit] Sega / Banpresto

[edit] Sega / Compile

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Sega / Coreland

[edit] Sega / Disney

[edit] Sega / Japanese Traffic Education Service

[edit] Sega / Mechatronics

[edit] Sega / Santos

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Sega & Sega-Gremlin

[edit] Sega Pinball

[edit] Sega / WOW Entertainment / Namco

[edit] Segasa

[edit] Seibu

[edit] Semicom

[edit] Seoul Amuse

  • Spaceball

[edit] Seta

[edit] Shadco

[edit] Sharp Travel

[edit] Sheng Yang

[edit] Shine Electronics

[edit] Shining

[edit] Shock-Wave Soft

[edit] Shoei

[edit] Show Games (SG)

[edit] Sidam

[edit] Sigma

[edit] Sigma / Seta

[edit] Sim Graphics Engineering Corp.

[edit] Simulation Technology

[edit] Simuline

[edit] Sircoma

[edit] Sirmo / Seeben

[edit] Skee-Ball, Inc

[edit] Smart Industries

[edit] SMS Manufacturing Corp.

[edit] SNK

[edit] SNK Playmore

[edit] Snowrunner Productions

[edit] Sofadis

[edit] Soft Club

[edit] Sonic

[edit] Southern Systems

[edit] Spaceball Inc.

[edit] Spectre Interactive Systems Inc.

[edit] Sphinx Co., Ltd.

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] SPLIN

[edit] Square Enix

[edit] Status Game Corporation

[edit] Stella

[edit] Step

[edit] Stern

[edit] Stern Pinball

[edit] StrayLight Corp.

[edit] Stricor

[edit] Studio Siesta

[edit] Subelectro

[edit] Subsino

[edit] Subtle Style

[edit] Success

[edit] Sun

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Sun Amusement

[edit] Sun Auto Machine

[edit] Sun Electronics / Sunsoft

[edit] Sun Mixing

  • Super Bubble Bobble

[edit] SunA

[edit] Sundance

[edit] SunDoo Amusetec

[edit] Sunmac

[edit] Sunsoft

[edit] Sunwise

[edit] Super Electronics

[edit] Surf Systems

[edit] Susilu

[edit] Synergy Gaming

[edit] TAB-Austria

[edit] Taegeuk Muyeok

[edit] Taejin Media

[edit] Taff System

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Tago

[edit] Taito

[edit] Taito Brazil

[edit] Taito / Eolith

[edit] Taito / Skonec

[edit] Taito / Success

[edit] Taito / Valve

[edit] Taiyo

[edit] Taiyo / Nihon Game / Culture Brain

[edit] Takao

[edit] Takara / Tomy

[edit] Takumi

[edit] Tao Systems

[edit] Tatsumi

[edit] Taxan

[edit] TBM

[edit] TCH

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] TDS Corporation

[edit] Team Play

[edit] Tecfri

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] Technos

[edit] Techno Soft

[edit] Techstar

[edit] Tecmo

[edit] Tecnoplay

[edit] Tecway Developments

[edit] Tehkan

[edit] Teknon Kougyou

[edit] Telemark Systems

[edit] Tele Tronic

[edit] Television Game Automat

[edit] Telko

[edit] Terminal

[edit] The Behemoth

[edit] The Game Room

[edit] The Vivid Group

[edit] Thomas Automatic (TAI)

[edit] Thrillseekers

[edit] Titus

[edit] TJF Technology

[edit] Toaplan

[edit] Tobii Technology

[edit] Tomy

[edit] Tomy / Taito

[edit] Top Gun Entertainment, Inc.

[edit] TopJam Games

[edit] Total

[edit] TouchTunes

[edit] Toucy Video

[edit] Tradewest

[edit] Treasure

[edit] Trecision

[edit] Triangle Service

[edit] Triotech Amusements

[edit] True Balance

[edit] Trust

No known undumped game at this time.

[edit] TSCC (The Slot Construction Company)

[edit] Tsunami Visual Technologies

[edit] Turtle

[edit] Two-Bits Score

[edit] Type Moon

[edit] Ubisoft

[edit] UEP System (Uni Enterprise)

[edit] Ugly Products

[edit] Uko Corporation

[edit] Ultracade Technologies

[edit] Uniana

[edit] Unico

[edit] United Games

[edit] Universal

[edit] Universal De Desarrollos Electronicos

[edit] Universal Space (UNIS)

[edit] Uno Electron

[edit] Update Kits, Inc.

[edit] UPI

[edit] UPL

[edit] U.S. Billiards

[edit] U.S.A. Games

[edit] U.S. Games

[edit] Valadon Automation

[edit] Vectorbeam

[edit] Vend Japan

[edit] Venture Line

[edit] Viccom

[edit] Video Computer Systems

[edit] Video Fun Games Ltd.

[edit] Video Games GmbH

[edit] Video Geletronic Games (VGG)

[edit] Video Horizons

[edit] Video System

[edit] Video Technology

[edit] Videotron

[edit] Videotronics

[edit] Viditis

[edit] Viking

[edit] Virtual Images Inc.

[edit] Virtual Reality Entertainment

[edit] Virtual World Entertainment

[edit] Virtualistix

[edit] Virtuality

[edit] Vision Of Reality

[edit] Visco

[edit] Visual Sports Systems

[edit] Vogos

[edit] Volly Industries

[edit] Voyager

[edit] Wahlap Technology

[edit] Walt Disney Company

[edit] Warashi

[edit] Web Picmatic

[edit] Wecom

[edit] Wesco Systems

[edit] Westlake Systems

[edit] Westone

[edit] Williams

[edit] Willy Michiels

[edit] Wimi

[edit] Wing

[edit] Withtek

[edit] Woodplace

[edit] Woonyun Technolgy Co. L.

[edit] World Games

No known undumped games at this time.

[edit] World One

[edit] World Vending

[edit] Worldwide Leisure Corporation

[edit] Worldwing

[edit] Wu Mar Harng Enterprise

[edit] Xatrix Entertainment, Inc.

[edit] Xing Li

[edit] Xinyu Games

[edit] XNauts

[edit] Yachiyo

[edit] Yeonseong

  • Magic Bingo (1998)

[edit] Yoony Electronics

[edit] You Sheng El

[edit] Young Sung

  • Byung Jung No Ri (hack of a Dynax hanafuda game)
  • Byung Jung No Ri 2nd Edition (hack of a Dynax hanafuda game)

[edit] Youngjin Control

[edit] Yubis

[edit] Yue Yng

[edit] Yumekobo

[edit] Yun Sung

[edit] Yuvo

[edit] Yuwon Tech

[edit] Zaccaria

[edit] Zeroplus Technology

[edit] Zhongshan Guang Yang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

[edit] Zippo Games

[edit] ZSoft

[edit] [Unknown]

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