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Soon after finishing MegaDrive, I have converted Game Boy and Game Boy Color carts to use internally the slot devices, and as a byproduct I found out that some “Collection” games, like Genjin Collection, Momotarou Collection, Mortal Kombat I & II and Super Chinese Land 1.2.3 were emulated as plain MBC1 even if they were in fact using an alternate switching mechanism. By fixing that, all of them now work fine in MESS and don’t freeze/reset anymore when a game is selected!

gbcol_0 gbcol_1 gbcol_2 gbcol_3

Also, I was able to add support for some pirate games which were not emulated before, like Rockman 8 (which might still have issues, given that enemies do not appear for whole sections of the levels… but it might just be the way it is originally, I don’t really know…)
rockman8_0 rockman8_1 rockman8_2 rockman8_3
rockman8_4 rockman8_5 rockman8_6 rockman8_7

and the raw dumps of Sintax chinese games (huge thanks go to Taizou, who reverse engineered the non-trivial protection for these!).
sintax_1 sintax_2 sintax_3

Some of these are quite interesting
sintax_10 sintax_11 sintax_12 sintax_13

others not so much, but still worth preservation to better represent the HK market
sintax_4 sintax_5 sintax_6 sintax_7
sintax_8 sintax_9 sintax_14 sintax_15
sintax_16 sintax_17sintax_18 sintax_19
sintax_20 sintax_21 sintax_22 sintax_23
sintax24 sintax_25 sintax_26 sintax_27
sintax_28 sintax_29 sintax_30 sintax_31
sintax_32 sintax_33 sintax_34 sintax_35

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April 21st, 2013 at 1:43 pm

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