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January 27, 2016 Haze Categories: General News. 20 Comments on MAME 0.170 released

MAME 0.170 has been released over at mamedev.org.

The Snow Board Championship progress shown below is included in the release, although currently still relies on the decryption table (luckily it compresses down really well, to about 60meg) That’s the only really noteworthy thing I was involved in for this release, been a bit busy.

The S14001A improvements should not be overlooked, they were contributed by one of the guys who worked on making the original hardware and provide a noticeable improvement in the sound quality for Berzerk etc.

If you haven’t already checked out the ‘Wing Force’ prototype you really should do, such a shame the game never made it to market because it’s a really good take on the general ‘Raiden’ formula. Only real downside is that it’s a bit too easy, and the game hadn’t got to the stage of the dipswitches being hooked up so there’s no way to adjust the difficulty, still, it’s a good fun game, especially for the more casual players who might have found shmups to be already be getting a little difficult by the time.

One final important note, the 0.170 release could do with a good bit of testing, some core changes went in that mean some bad code that was ‘safe’ before is no longer safe, and will cause MAME to crash, there were quite a lot of drivers programmed using this bad assumption, and while Tafoid, Mooglyguy and myself have tried to eliminate all the obvious ones with some extensive regression testing the tests we’ve been able to do only cover driver startup, which means that we’re not getting 100% code coverage. If you encounter anything unusual, eg. missing sound, graphics, or just outright crashes that didn’t happen in 0.169 then please let us know, on a project this size it’s practically impossible to test every case ourselves so we are relying on end users.

To close this rather short article I’d like to make one final callout to a few people who haven’t yet got in touch with us about relicensing their code. Any code that we do not get permission to relicense will need to be dropped from the project and rewritten, something we would prefer to avoid if possible.

The most significant of these is ‘insideoutboy’ who worked on a few drivers with me back in the early 2000s, working on drivers such as ‘Popper’, ‘Car Jamboree’, ‘Flower’ ‘Super Cross II’ and ‘Marine Date’ The only contact information we had for his is an old (no longer active) hotmail account, as well as some also no longer used / active accounts on forums (the old ztnet ones etc.) It seems that nobody has really heard from him outside of the period he was active. There are users on gamefaqs with the same username, but they’ve already been contacted and deny being the same person. To the best of our knowledge he was located somewhere in Australia, so if you have friends there who contributed back in the day who might have gone by that name, please do let them know we’d like to get in touch.

Two other fairly significant ones are ‘Edgardo E. Contini Salvan’ who wrote the driver for Namco’s Toy Pop / Libble Rabble, ‘Enrique Sanchez’ who wrote the Yie Ar Kung Fu driver, and ‘Ed Mueller’ with the Birdie King driver.

There are a couple of others too, for non arcade drivers, and one or two where where we have contact details we still haven’t tried yet, but if anybody does know for sure who the above people are, and can point them back our way that would be preferable, ideally we’d like to relicense drivers as BSD-3 clause, but GPL / LGPL is also an option. Dropping drivers and rewriting them is a last resort, but if no contact is made we will have no choice but to do that.


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What happened with the dumped games Variant Schwanzer? Does it have emulation or encryption issues? Also the Taito arcade game Vertexer, I’ve heard it was dumped but again has emulation issues. Is this true?

Pardon if the questions are unnecessary.


Not everything Shoutime owns / dumps / has access to will become public, I think people are going to have to accept that sometimes his hands are tied, and you’re just lucky to be able to see cool stuff he posts. I don’t know the specifics of VS, but Mamedev haven’t been given the dump, therefore we can’t emulate it.

I find it odd that the most interesting recent MAME progress doesn’t have an article made about it yet. Can you please make an article about “Waku Waku Marine” and the last batch of Gamate games including “Punk Boy”, “Fist of Thunder” etc.? I am curious to see what these games are like; there is almost no information about them on the internet.

Thank you so much mameworld and mamedev.emulab.it for the Tourivision Games. Final Burn Will release them soon. ;)

Thanks so much Haze – I want to piggyback on what another user said in the last comment section, there are some really cool laserdisc games that would be awesome to see emulated in MAME. Also do you know if it’s possible to improve the stutter on any of the new GTfore games? Thanks again! :)

If you change the dipswitch from Medium res to Low res on GTFore it will run better on older hardware.

On my 4ghz i7 it’s mostly fine at medium, although you do get the occasional stutter in areas of really thick vegetation (very rare tho)

if Low resolution doesn’t do it for you then you need a better PC, there’s no other solution.

as for Waku Waku Marine, I really have nothing to say, it’s a mostly pointless redemption machine / ride, that doesn’t even make much sense to me.

The Gamate stuff is alright, good to see it dumped due to rarity / difficulty of dumping / historical value, but the driver needs a lot of work still, most of it doesn’t run very well.

It may be worth getting a bit more publicity on that re-license thing? Probably if you can hit high up in reddit/slashdot/HN you should be able to hit a good number of people about it? I have seen it pop up there a couple of times. But they were rather hand wavy. Maybe if you submitted to them and be specific in your request you could get better traction on it?

we’ll end up doing a final review, make sure there’s nobody we’ve actually missed, or anything misatributed, then come up with a final list at which point we’ll try and drum things up a bit.

the smaller we can make that list in the meantime the better tho.

That’s very strange that Shoutime hasn’t released Variant Schwanzer to mamedev, since he already did that with Wing Force.

Variant Schwanzer is based on hardware that is still poorly understood by MAME. I’m wondering why Vertexer hasn’t been made available yet though. I don’t suppose the Taito IDYA is more complex than the N64-based Aleck64 hardware…?

Though I’m most certainty wrong, the IDYA seems to be some video-based motion simulation machine from what I’ve read about it.

As Haze said, not everything ShouTime has gets dumped and made available. AFAIK he hasn’t got the hardware to dump some type of ROMs and it might very well be that, to keep some of his contacts happy, he can’t dump some games. The most important thing is that, if a game is in his hands, it won’t get lost.

As Haze and Osso have already stated, I have conditions placed upon me for certain titles, on others, I must hold them as leverage to get titles I do not currently have.

Releasing Wing Force already reduced my ammo to acquire other titles. I could release Vertexer today but what if I told you that would come at the cost of never obtaining a game like R-Gear or some games that were never even announced?

For Variant Schwanzer, this title uses hardware that no other Aleck64 game uses and does not exist on N64 so even if released, it won’t work. This is likely the reason that the game was canceled, it required all new hardware to be manufactured when the platform and genre were not selling well.

Believe in that I am working towards the greater good of preservation for all.

Hi Haze, I could not answer in “The value of videos” for P-47 reference logo.
I have an original PCB, I want to show the logo.
Link: https://youtu.be/eozZGcVspVw

Ha ha it’s become common to read anxious comments about your treasure finds, Shou.
Don’t mind them, you’re our hero ! ^^

As Osso said, the most important thing is that these games are in friendly hands, he works hard for the benefits of all arcade game enthusiast, and keep in mind if the game is not released it is for something, he always do all he can and we have to be thankful with him for that

Woah, a response from the man himself!

Nah I’m not rushing anyone to dump the games ASAP or anything of that sort. Just asking for people to shed some -actual- light on the matter, since different people from various places tend to say different things causing tons of confusion. Cheers to you for finally clearing it up though.

Appreciate your work, good luck for the future!

Thanks for releasing Wing Force, ShouTime.

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