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May 8, 2016 Haze Categories: General News. 174 Comments on Winding Down

I’ve been doing emulation work in various forms since I was about 17, which means somewhere in the region of 18 years now, with MAME work being a large part of that.

Working on something like MAME gave me a purpose in life, helped pull me through many dark times, even allowed me to prove to myself that despite not having the most stable of backgrounds at home, nor the best set of qualifications at the time, I could achieve something, and make a difference.

Lately tho, that passion for doing this is gone, the only reason I’m still contributing is a fear that if I stop contributing things won’t get done correctly, things will be missed, not checked quickly enough to spot when extra data needs to be collected (a lot of what we do is time sensitive as we work with other people who don’t always hold on to / have access to their hardware for long periods of time)

The number of updates here has been declining, that is reflective of this, and while I’ve tried to find sparks of inspiration for public MAME work I still haven’t managed to, and a lot of the interesting work is behind the scenes, might not even see the light of day.

Despite the project being around for so many years there are still people putting their own ego ahead of it too, purposely refusing to co-operate, acting like they’ve been hard done by when in reality they haven’t at all. It’s quite sad to see that after all this time attitudes like that remain because in the end they’re not harming the project, they’re harming the future.

This isn’t an attack on those people however, I have no fight left in me for that, and I’ve never liked fighting anyway, it’s just a message to say that you’re probably not going to see any major MAME developments or promotion from me here in the future, it feels like a burden and I need, for my own sake, to be able to let it go and just trust that other people won’t undo the hard work that has been put in.

I’ve set my MAME email feeds to a lesser read / checked part of my mailbox, so I’ll likely only read them passively from now on.

In conclusion, I just don’t have any real interest in this any more it’s been 18 years of giving, without really taking anything back except the knowledge that we’ve made a better future for other people by helping ensure a lot of history will survive for a lot longer than it would have otherwise. I need to focus on myself, need to concentrate on actually making a living for myself, earning something, building myself a future, finding a new purpose using the skills I have.


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Thank you, Haze.

It’s really sad to read this, but I hope everything goes well for you in the future.

Good luck and thanks for all your work!

Your contributions have been nothing less than priceless. Thank you,

Thanks for all the hard work and blog posts over the years Haze.
You made Mame/Mess/UME interesting to follow.
Hope you find success in your future projects. :)

Thank you. And good luck for your real life. We will miss you, your mamess contributions and yours beautiful, passionate and enlighnting articles….

We appreciate all of Your work on it. I wish You good health and life. You never be forgotten :)

Thank you Haze for what you have done all these years! I wish you the best!

Thank you for all your hard work. I’ve enjoyed your contributions for many of these 18 years.

Good luck on whatever comes on to life’s path for you from here.

Kind regards,

Pieter Hulshoff

I feel sad for your decision Haze. Your writing has always been a bright and calm place for my me.

Thank you David for all your dedicated works on Mame.
Thanks to all your job I can play my favorite old games on my arcade machine.
It reminds me very good memories from my youth.

Good luck with your new life away from Mame.

Your efforts and hard work will be always remembered. Thank you for all that!

David, thanks for all these years of learning – and your never ending mission to self-improve. You have been an example to many that were less fortunate growing up, you demonstrate over and over again that with hard work and dedication ANYTHING is possible.

I truly hope you will find new purpose in your next adventure – and am sure that all of us that have enjoyed your work over all these long years will welcome you back with wide open arms if and when you decide to peek your head back in! I know I will!

All the best and thank you for the learning!

Thanks for all your work.
I hope you’ll be back once inspiration has returned. I think this scene needs your dedication.

Thank you man.

I really really really want to believe this is temporary though.
You NEED to find that spark and progress as much as you deserve in “Real Life (TM)” and then come back and give your magic touch again in the Project.
I am sad that the attitude of some people (a well known fact even to people far from the Team…) has contributed to your decision.

In any case your name (or more, your nickname) is in golden letters already in the retro community and History of Technology in general.

Respect !

Thank you for keeping things alive for as long as you have. Funny, I’ve only recently gotten into MAME, even though my drive for going into Electronic Engineering was to design and build arcade machines. Although I’ve done a fair amount of electronic design and builds, only did 1 ‘arcade’ machine for myself in all this time, as life took me down a different path.
In fact, my MAME interest has recently come to life due to my obsession with the Midway Arcade ‘Carnevil’. It wasn’t uncommon for me to dump $40+ worth of quarters at a time playing this, and two years ago, the last arcade around here went out of business that had it. I often wondered why nobody rewrote it for operation on a PC, and that’s what drove me to try to get it to operate it under MAME. BOY was this tough to get configured & “functional” and sometimes trying to get it to run on a new system ends up in failure. I *REALLY * want to get it to operate under Linux so that I can put it on a Raspberry PI, but no luck as of yet.

Thank you for your immeasurable contributions to MAME. Take with you the knowledge you have single handedly ensured the preservation of so much. Gamers and coders in the future will rejoice from the fruits of your labor.


Haze thank you very much for everything, I still remember the excitement that caused me to play Puzzli 2!! Thank you for your contribution with many beautiful games!!! You’re going to miss much luck in your life and I wish you well!!!

I wish you well!
I believe it was my simple request for someone other than me to look into emulating a game that was already dumped and that MAME was already able to emulate (Ninjakun) where you stepped up and submitted your first driver.
I may be wrong about that!
But honestly when you did that, you ripped time and allowed me to feel 12 years old again and I can never thank you enough for that!!!

Very sad to hear :-(
You are a great person and the best mamedev.
I hope to see you back in develop emulation.
Thank you, good luck with your new life.

Haze, my gosh, what can be said? To say your contributions to this project were enormous is underestimating things to the extreme, but anyone following MAME at any point in its history already knew that. I certainly respect your decision though, and I’m sure anyone can relate to your feelings of being “burned out” – it’s entirely natural, normal, human, and understandable. Take as much time away as you need, even forever if necessary, and don’t feel bad if the project veers into a direction you can’t help. It’s just the nature of things; even the greatest cannot prevent the passage of time nor the effects thereof.

I can’t help but feel curious what will happen to certain efforts we’ve always thought you would solely champion; specifically, incorporating ElSemi’s Sega Model 2 code so that MAME could have a shot at decent M2 emulation; and improvements to Amiga-based drivers. I’m sure others will have similar thoughts. I guess any hope of those within our lifetime is even less than the low chance they already had; but such is life. We should just accept it, and live with it. We all have the right to make our own decisions, and not ever feel that they are split amongst others.

Good luck in future endeavors, David. We’ll certainly miss the heck out of you.

Dean: CarnEvil’s original hardware is effectively more powerful than the Raspberry Pi, which is why people run a 16 year old version of MAME on those things (I tend to take that personally because 16 years ago predates my getting involved with the project ;-) If you want a cab that runs it, build yourself a nice Core i7 PC or find an original working boardset. Making it run on real Linux on a fast PC is no trouble at all, I do it all the time.

As far as the actual content here, I wouldn’t be anywhere near MAME if my real life and real job weren’t reasonably well-grounded, and I wish David all the best in getting things sorted out in that area for himself.

You take all the time in the world, everybody needs a break every now & then. Just remember when your out & about & you see a kid on a laptop take a glance just to see if there playing MAME & if they are you can always say to yourself, I helped in some way or another on that project ! & thanks to you & others there playing with the knoledge it’s gonna be preserved for future kids. Thanks HAZE

Haze, thanks for your great work with mame and for making countless thousands of people who you would never meet, very happy, in a world where it is a comfort to return to the earlier days of our innocence – the noisy, busy, exciting arcades of the past

you work will echo on into the future.. and your name will live on, long after we are all gone. THANK YOU SIR

Oh no! :-( You will be missed, Haze – not just your tireless emulation work, but also your presentation of it to the less technically inclined like myself. Who is going to post the “highlights of current MAME release” if not you?

Thank you for all your hard work and my suggestion is – time for some Haze time. Go out, get fresh air, fall in love with someone or something new. Time for a change and all the best. Sincerely, sputnikim

Sad to hear that, Haze, we loved your write ups & contibutions

Thank you very much, Haze!
Certainly MAME history wasn’t so bright without all of your contributions to the project!
Respect! :)

Thank You Sir, for all the years …. :)

I burned out alot sooner than that, different project, never looked back, life threw one of them curve balls my way back then and no longer had time to invest, it was fun while it lasted though.

Thanks for all your contributions!

you’ll be missed

enjoy life

I don’t know you personnaly, but I know that you’re fighting honnestly in every cases.
I have seen many of your fights during past… ;-)
Golden years of emulation are gone, you deserve it very well !
Hope that this website will stay… I wish you good luck.
If you ever visit Europe, please pass trough Belgium, come and share a beer with me.
Gerald (COY)

thank you Haze, will miss your updates and write ups, sad for us but new chapter for you.

Wow, understood, have a break, Aaron found singing, hope you find something as challenging, and after a break and a few beers, maybe just maybe you`ll have a spark come back to you. in the mean time from little old Cornwall. Have Fun, Smile, if you dont nobody else will ;)

Thanks & find your new enjoyment in life. :)

You got back not only such knowledge you say, but also, and most important, the immense gratitude of the all of us….

Welcome to adulthood.

Still, thank you for your work, and also thank you for having been there for MAME.

You know I respect you and what’s my opinion about your role in the MAME Team. I can only wish all you the best for your future. Sadly real life comes always first, even when we don’t “want” to take care of it. All of us know that without your there will be less bugfixes, less improvements in already working games, less new interesting clones emulated and etc. etc. etc.
Take care of you.

You certainly contributed a lot to MAME and MESS. But your dedication to the emulation community should never be done at the cost of your own personal life. I hope that you’ll get the best out of your new venture and possibly come back in a few years more alive than ever and kicking :)

Thank you for all your effort, time, dedication and love for the emulation itself. We are gonna miss you, David.

Hello there Haze, thanks for your awesome work with Mame over the years. Been reading your blogs / updates for many years now. Real sorry to see you go and best of luck with everything in the future. You will be missed ;-(

Working in Mame has always been about fun. Once it starts to feel like work, it is time to take a break. I hope you’ll find something else that gives you as much fun as Mame gave you at the start and, in any case, be well.


Sorry to see you go, your blog was the only really reliable place to read about the latest developments and anything new in MAME. I will miss your insights.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for us over the years

Thank you for all you have done , it has brought back so many great memory’s and will continue to. Cheers

I can’t add anything more than others have said. Thank you for all your great contributions and enthusiasm for the MAME project. All the best!

Hi David,

Thank you for the many years, efforts, and hard work put into the MAME project. I appreciate your write-ups in this blog, and your contributions to the various forums. First and foremost, please take care of yourself and be well. Hoping to still see you pop in every now and again; regardless, wish you nothing but the best.

Thank you for your work and everything you’ve done. Your articles were always an interesting an passionate reading, I will miss them.

Thank you and lots of success with whatever you do next!

Grüße aus Deutschland, Boris

Thank you Haze, for all you have done for us !!!

Thank you for all you really big effort done so far

i was so happy to see your work and improvement of MAME.
and now so sad to hear that.
We all owned you for your dedicated work and will miss you.
Be happy and hope to see you come back sometimes.

Haze, I really enjoy being here and reading your posts. You always bring us a lot of information and technical details about a bunch of things, and this makes you one of my favorite developers in the MAME team.

I agree with some people when they say that MAME is about having fun. If you are not having fun doing this at this point, maybe it’s time to go and take a good rest. I just hope this post to not be a final word on it, because you are very skilled and still has a lot to contribute.

Thanks a lot man!

Thankyou and all the best, hopefully we see you back when your ready

Don’t worry, RetroArch will continue your legacy.

Well… Don’t really know what to say, except to wish you good luck on your journey :)

Although we never met personaly – If you ever happen to be near Frankfurt (Main) in Germany, drop me a mail and pay me a visit to my location and maybe have a beer.

Thanks for everything Haze, I’ve been following MAME about as long as you have been working on it. I’ve really enjoyed your blogs detailing a lot of the technical and not so technical details about developing it. Good luck in your future endeavors.

@Haze just wanna echo alotta the comments when i say thanks for all the contributions
you have made to the MAME project over the years and best wishes with the next chapter
of your life all the best!!!

Thank you for everything. Loved this blog. You are someone I aspire to be. Wishing you the very best that life can bring.

David, thank you for all you have done. Know this: your efforts HAVE made a difference in people’s lives. Maybe just something simple like putting a smile on an anonymous face when they are able to play a favorite game of theirs, but important nonetheless. Life has its ups and downs and people are what they are: good, bad, and otherwise. But you sir, have done us all a great service and you should know that. If ever you change your mind and want to come back, all will welcome you. And if this is goodbye forever, then all the best to you, my friend. Never doubt that your contributions were significant: everyone here knows they are.

David, following your work and personal growth has been an inspiration to me. Keep listening to your heart brother!

your contributions over the last two decades have been invaluable Haze, I have followed MAME since the very beginning and have been amazed at all the mile stones, but sometimes surprised by some of the internal politics of the team of devs etc.

I understand that this is part of real life in the real world even with teams of paid devs.

I honestly enjoyed all your posts on the progress of MAME and your work with merging MESS too.

I wish you all the best David what ever direction you take!

I’m honestly a little confused about why ANY of the developers actually work on MAME.

I mean, doing that tedious, boring shit in your free time? It’s pretty insane when you think about it.

Haze I hope that you achieve the goals that your after, and I thank you for the goals you have already reached in mame.

As stated thanks to you and others I have been able to step back in time and relive parts of my youth. I grew up with a very rough childhood and these games were my escape, sadly some of these games marked some of the best days in my childhood and I thank you for your dedication that I can still relive those moments. I still use mame today to relieve stress after a very hard day… Even after almost 40 years some things never change.

Good luck to you haze and may your days be blessed.

Thanks for all the work you done in MAME and for your help in FBA.
I’m afraid without you a lot of clones and bootlegs will not be added to MAME because they will be judged not enough interesting (as example Rage of the Dragons (home version) [rotdh] is still not yet added to MAME).

Now for your sake, i think it is time to focus on yourself ;)

God luck David and take care.

Best regards,

I can only echo other people by applauding your contributions (and documentation of them here) to the MAME project, which has given me more pleasure over the years than I can ever put into words.

You have more than earned your retirement.

Like many others already stated: Thanks for all the years of wonderful work that you have done.
Since you have been doing this all this time, and speaking of my own involvement in an other emu project, I know it can get under your skin. You have put in a tremendous amount of work in and the positive feedback can seem non-existing.
Rest assured that a lot of people greatly appreciate the work you have done although they are not that vocal about it.

I sincerely thank you for all your work and the excellent blog that accompanied it.
And I wish you all the best life can bring you, now and in the future.

very first comment from a very long time lurker.
Thank you so much for your work and hope you can achieve what you seek.

Thank you very much for your hard work, Haze. I hope, you will find a goal in your life, and I wish you all the best! Thank you again!

thank you

David, while still hoping this is not the end of it, thanks for all your contributions to a project that sure as hell wouldn’t be standing anywhere near to where it is now without you; for your hard work, perseverance and last but not least for providing insights to the inner workings of emulation to peons such as myself. It’s always been worth a read even if I didn’t get half of it. All the best & good luck.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve shown in your many years working with MAME. I wish you all the very best for the future.

Haze before, can you fix the save state problem in sega model 2? Everytime I load the state the emu crashes. Can you also or have Elsemi to add an AVI output to sega model 2 emu as well before you leave?

Haze, thank you for your amazing contributions.
And best of luck on your new endeavours!

It is bad news for me, thanks for your work.
Best regards….

Haze, thank you for your years of contributions and hard work. Emulator developers are heroes, and your a big one. I’ve lurked forever, just commenting to say: thank you, and don’t feel bad about having to move on. You’ve done so much amazing work and don’t owe anyone anything. You only owe it to yourself to do whats right for yourself and to be happy.

Thank you again for all your fantastic work.

Don’t feel bad for taking time for yourself. Thanks for your contributions over the years.

Thank you! You are the God in our minds. I have been retained HazeMD, it is an indelible memory. Please take care. Good luck! #^_^#

Good luck and thanks for your contributions to our community. Your presence will be missed

As you can see from the comments, you’ve impacted people around the world in a way you’ll probably never be able to see. Understand you gave me my childhood back with your work on MAME and have enabled me to have those memories until I die with your work.

Sad news for the M.A.M.E. community, but we all have to live our lives and you deserve to live yours pursuing true happiness.
Thanks a zillion for all your time and sacrifice helping this great project!

You’ve made huge contributions to emulation, and I’d like to say thank you for all that hard work.

I’ve only learned of your existence today, MAME is pretty new to me, and I’m very sad that you are backing off, but I’m very very grateful for your dedication and all the contributions that you’ve made to emulation! Thank you so much for your passion and efforts!! I really hope that you find something that re-energizes you and that can hopefully feed back into you more than you feed into it. I wish you the best in whatever you do, and I hope, from the comments here and I’m sure many other places where people who love MAME are learning of your departure, lift your spirits and really let you know that you are appreciated!!

Very sad to hear this. Thank you for your amazing contributions.
This is the first time I comment in this site, but I regularly visited your blog since 2012 or so and always enjoyed your articles, perhaps even more than the MAME itself. Your posts had interesting technical explanations as well as histories behind these arcade games.
I will miss you.
Again, thank you for your amazing contributions. I hope your life will go well.

I’m speechless after having read this article, but at the same time I’m happy that you are moving on to something new, more exciting adventure and realising that life is short is the best way to make us move on. Your dedication will certainly be missed a lot, but like a lot of things, will not be forgotten. Enjoy life !

merci pour ton travail exceptionnel que jai toujours suivi avec beaucoup d’intérêt !

Thank you for your time and efforts to MAME.

Thanks for all these years of hard work bro. :)

Thank you for your hard work. All the best.
And thank you for bring the past back to life.

AHAHAHAH Retroarch won’t continue shit. They don’t emulate games.

It’s just a frontend.


I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, 18 years is a number that does not make justice to all the drivers you have pumped, revamped or helped in. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, for me you are one of those people that have made this world a better place.

Thank you very much for your hard work. I think you managed a lot of people to be aware and interested on the advance of this project.

Your blog has always been a great read. You deserve the retirement and I hope that whatever endeavors you have next are best for you.

From a long time user and admirer, thank you for your hard work and dedication. I hope that you find some peace and refreshment in your time away. Blessings

Yoiu are one of the best mame devs and it’s really sad that You are quit but You have right – real life is more important. Good luck in the future :)

Thank you for all Haze. Now you should enjoy live and be happy :)


I wish you all the best and I hope you find whatever it is you’re searching for.

Thank you, Haze. Your contribution to the project has been immeasurably vast and i’ve always loved reading your articles and writeups. Take the rest you need, you’ve earned it – and when the time comes, I wish you the best in your future ventures!

Thanks for all Haze.
Mame is dead.
I remove UI and i’m using FX for now on.
I hope Arcade Games doesn´t die.
If Saidaioujou don´t get released i will wait for Degica’s Port on Steam.

Thank you for your efforts and blogging. If you will keep a blog in the future, I hope you will make a splash with it, whatever the subject is.

Thank you for all your work, i have enjoyed this for a long time, just supports way to many games now, i would be stressed, should dump anything from MAME after the 1990’s, i am sure others will build single emulators for the arcade crop of the 2000’s.

Thank you for all your work, i have enjoyed this for a long time, just supports way to many games now, i would be stressed if a was a MAME dev, should dump anything from MAME after the 1990’s, i am sure others will build single emulators for the arcade crop of the 2000’s if they grew up playing them games and love them games.

I have been following MAME since the very beginning in 1997 and still enjoy to see new releases. You David have contributed so much to the project and if it’s time to quit the project or take a break, then you really deserve it.

I am just a regular or in the meantime irregular user of MAME and it’s hard to find time for one of my favorite hobbies, but bringing back memories from my first personal video games experience from the end of the 70’s was worth it.

I wish you the best of luck and may you find, what really makes you happy in life.

Kind regards,

I don’t have enough words to say you THANKS for all your work on Mame all this time.
I know that this hobby can turn sometimes to a *work* that can *burn* yourself or make your real life to be apart. If this happens it is really good that you know when do you have to stop, and it seems your time has arrived.

I wish you all the best in your ‘new ‘ life KING HAZE

From a fan,

Thanks for the work in all this years friend, maybe no other comming like you. Now time for relax that you deserbe. :) THANKS.

Thank you for all your great contributions Haze, you have directly or indirectly made many people happy, you also deserve a change of scenery and be happy if you feel well.

Always liked their tickets on the work he did in MAME, with all the extra effort of creating them and were so interesting and informative.

Thank you Haze

really a pity :( best of the advances in MAME specailly in PGM are due to Haze :/ , so many good games dumped by him and now he is lost

Thanks you Haze for all these good games in Mame :)

Thanks for all this years Haze!!

You are a great man and a great contribuitor of the project, we own you very happy moments in our lives, i only can say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your work.
Kind regards, enjoy life.

Muchas Gracias

David, thank you very much, your work will not be easily forgotten and I wish you good luck in your personal life and every work and hobby projects in the future. Enjoy the life, go to the beach or skying.

Muchísimas gracias por todo tu trabajo.
Ojala la vida te devuelva al menos el 10% de la felicidad que has dado con tu trabajo desinteresado.

From Spain, thx you for this years of hard work!

Mame was a big thing in my childhood and I also love to play today and update the emulator, romset etc. Thank you so much for all your work!!! I feel bad for the situation but this is life, all comes to an end. You wrote history!!!

If Haze retires you can say MAME is dead, i don’t mean to be rude to the other mame DEVS, but they are just POSERS, wannabes that never could cope with the idea of Haze beeing always right, look at mame this days it has merged with MESS because Haze made UME, and eventually everybody started to use UME or other builds instead of MAME, all the crazy protections impossible to emulate? Haze cracked them, CPS3 driver in MAME? Haze again, Hell the only REAL advance in the sound and finally emulating right Hyper Neo Geo 64 was again Haze about a year ago… maybe Arbee, and Aaron are some exceptions of being completley useless but let’s face reality David here was MAME or at least the MAME that matter for anyway…

Muchas gracias por su contribución.
Estoy convencido de que sin su colaboración mame no sería lo mismo.

Mucha suerte en la vida

Gracias totales desde argentina…

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Great work all these years. I’ve been following you since the beginning of Mame, hats off..

Tekkenlord, I agree with you! Haze ‘was’ one of the best mamedev.
Too bad that Arbee is now on the wrong side :) (Mess side…)

I would have liked to see Metal Freezer completed (I know, protection sucks…) …Now, will it ever happen?

However, all the best for your future Haze.

Thanks a lot for your work, Haze.

The nostalgic children who grew in the 80’s will remember you every time that we play one game.


Thank you for all of your hard work, Haze. I wish the best for your future endeavors.

Thanks for everythig Haze, you’ve always been an inspiration.

THX for the effort and dedication. I’m from Argentina, THX a lot!

Gracias estimado Haze por hacernos la vida un poquito más feliz cada día a todos los fanáticos de los videojuegos, realmente es un gracias muy sincero y de todo corazón. Es difícil asimilar que ya no estarás como pilar principal de MAME. Pero esperemos que cuando desees seguir aportando a la comunidad lo sigas haciendo de la manera como tú más lo desees ya que tu siempre seguirás siendo parte de MAME por toda la eternidad. Naturalmente ahora estarás más avocado a tu familia y a tus proyectos personales por lo cual solo te deseamos lo mejor siempre y sigas obteniendo con la gracia de DIOS los más grandes éxitos cada día. Gracias una vez más Haze, gracias por tu tiempo y tu dedicación, gracias por tu amor a MAME y gracias por existir. Nunca te olvidaremos. Un saludo y abrazo a la distancia. Desde PERU con mucho respeto y admiración. José Béjar.

Thank you for all your work, even the most obscure bits. Best of luck in life.

Thanks Haze.

Hope you will return some day.


You’re a dead-set chap Haze, I hope it all works out for you, and thanks for everything you’ve done for the emulation community.

Merci pour tout

Muchas gracias por todo ;)

Dude just take a break for awhile. It will be here if you come back. Rest is a *good* thing. Burnout on the other hand is not so hot. Take a vacation to somewhere whimsickle. Do something that has *nothing* to do with video games. Outside experiences are just as important to a group dynamic as the inside ones. Go do something else. When you return you will have new fresh ideas to share!

thank you haze.

Thanks so much Haze for so many years of hard work!!! Good Luck!!!

I have been following emulation since the very beginning, with sparcade, solo emulators, davesclassics.com all the early emulation efforts and also the very birth of MAME.

I still remember when I saw galaxians running in my computer. For many years my pc upgrades were based in new emulation requirements (taito f2 / neogeo anyone?)

Someone once said our true home country is our childhood and you, apart from some others, made me relive some moments of it.

For what it matters, you go with all my gratitude for so many efforts and something I´m not able to do, but I have been able to enjoy, for free.
I can only say I though this would happen earlier ago, but we were lucky to have it last until now.

So, there are only three words from me to say what I feel about your contribution.

Thanks. Good Luck, Haze

Hmm.. Sounds bad but a chance for Mame to get new features like hardware accelation from other coders.. Mame is still standing in the year 1995..

Hearing from you send the first time i saw MAME, something like 14 years ago.
Go enjoy your life, Haze. You’ve don so much for this project. Time to go, champion!
Best of luck for you. You deserve it. :)

Muchas gracias por tu trabajo, Haze. Un saludo desde España. Te debemos mucho,gracias por todo.

Thank you, Haze from Spain.

Thank you, Haze from Bolivia …

…..but, I think that it’s like to smoke. Your addiction to MAME is strong. You will be back soon or later…. ;-D

Thank you, Haze.

Thanks, Haze. Despite all the drama, bickering and “egos” that you briefly mentioned over the years, the bottom line is that the contributions made over the years by ALL have culminated in an outstanding project – that is quite the achievement in itself, given how many people have been involved over the years. I think that most if not all of the people who have followed MAME development significantly recognize the excellent work that you and the other major contributors have done over the years.

So good luck, and may all your endeavors be successful!

Seems that sometimes everything goes in very strange ways, but always our duty as developers will find it’s way and our projects in some manner sees the light of day. People, friendship, fights, and a lot of things we have to endure during the life span of our projects won’t give us ever back a single dollar, but we are here doing this because we choose it.

Programming MAME code and drivers or theming for StepMania are things that started as a hobbie and done with a lot of love and passion to give our best to other people just for the love of doing what we care the most on that time behind us right now. I know that after all this time is hard to keep a life, work, grirlfriend, wife, family, but always there’s a place to go and remember where we started and discover the real magic inside each of us… I take this as serious as I can, but without pressure because maybe we cannot achieve everything or be owners of our fields, sometimes we have to sit and relax and then remember those great moments we got for what we love to develop.

I wish you the best on your way, but I can assure you that even if the situation gets worse, only time will help to put things on perspective and finally remember the youth and that marvelous time when we develop with our heart.

Take care Haze.

Thanks for bring back a lot of memories, a big hug from chile !

gracias por tu trabajo y hacerme sentirme un niño otra vez y recordar momentos olvidados.
Un saludo desde españa

Well I can say that having street fighter 2 in a full arcade cabinet using mame has made my boyhood dream come true. Really, thats all I wanted since I was 15. No lambo, no hot chick with big boobs. Just a full size arcade machine with street fighter 2 running on it. I cant say either way if you worked on the drivers or code for this to happen. But I know you did work on many other games that brought joy to so many people. I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication for so many years. I wish you luck on your future endeavors and success. Never feel bad about focusing on yourself and your stability in life. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wish you all the best.

Thanks Haze, MAME development won’t be the same without you :(

Thank you for 18 years dedication to emu games. Good luck. Hope you have a great future.

Sad to hear you’re retiring from the MAME emu scene, but understandable. Thank you so much for the incredible amount of your life you have put into this project, all the best John :)

So long Haze and thanks for the fish. I sincerly hope that you will come back one day.

Thanks for all the great moments in the MAME community! and for your great legacy in the world of emulation thanks to your great contribution, we can relive those great arcade games and video game generations are preserved for posterity! Thanks a lot, I wish you luck in your other projects and continued success!

Greetings and respect from Brazil.
Thank you for all that you made for MAME community and the side projects you contributed.

Thanks to your effort and the MAME DEV team, i could show to my newest cousins what i used to play back ago… and how that was fun. Even explaining to them the part of “Insert 1 Coin”.

Wish you all the best, and success in the new path chosen.


Thank you so much for everything, Haze. This is sad news for emu scene, but I wish you the best of lucks for the next future.

Thank you!!

man … thanks so much! and good luck in the chosen path ! We wish you the best!

Thanks, Haze. Thanks to you and all the people who made possible this project.
Best of luck!

Thank you so much for your superb efforts for the time you (and the rest of the MAMEDEV team) have put in over the years. I wish you all the very best for the future and a well deserved rest. *Raises a beer*

F* Mameworld and F* all the devs as been fire you up.
I hope you can get back soon or later and teach a lesson to those morons.
Thank you for all.

I’ve been following your blog for over 10 years. I remember discovering MAME and reliving my past, as well as finding out about all sorts of obscure and strange arcade games.

Thanks for all those memories!

Thank you! Much respect.

but who will replace you as TEAM LEADER

I am scared for the future. You are the magic of the MAME

Thanks for all your hard work. Enjoy finding your next passion!

Ah jeez not again. You seem to have cycles of this behavior when you have a run in with another developer. You need to take a break and get back into the fray. Only then will you be completely happy. You did your best work when you took the helm of the project. Arron is not here to bully you, you can do your best work again, but you will need to run the show. I had the pleasure of managing a pod of coders on a project, and believe me I have never seen a bunch of lazy lads in my life. It took forever to get work submitted on time, and the quality of work was just laughable.. Compared to a public project I would think the odds of that happening to a collective such as Mame is not so far from the truth now, considering the difficult part of the project is now done.

I believe the project has taken a nose dive, and it needs you as coordinator to get it back into perspective.Get yourself on a nice break, then quietly return and take over the project and instill your values back to where it was before Aaron took over. The amount of work you did back then was incredible.

Does the new MAME license have room for a commercial element for the team?

You have so much more to give, learn and accomplish. Quit lamenting on the past will ya?


well i’ve managed to break my arm now, so in even less of a position to help people.

i don’t really want management of the project, and i doubt the team do either,, current structure is more like a company so formal achievements count over anything else. When i was in charge it was mostly passion and a desire to get things done that mattered. Different era.

i don’t think the project has nosedived tho, imho it’s in a better position than ever and finally starting to fulfil it’s potential, it’s a vastly better project and codebase than it was 5 years ago, nevermind 10, 15.

the current team is also capable of maintaining it just fine too i think, wouldn’t be as comfortable stepping down from active development otherwise; i feel there is a big weight of responsibility on the project/team to make sure we give the best thing to future generations we can possibly do, so wouldn’t have made this choice if i felt it could damage that – such goals should always be the priority.

one-handed typing is not fun.

Do you see the irony here..??? you did afterall add the fruit machines to MAME and you are now for the next
six weeks or so effectively a one armed bandit :)

Apon reflection maybe the above joke was in poor taste afterall a limb break is no laughing matter
so if it caused some upset then i apollogize

You were the only dev i visited to read posts.
Thanks for your great work.
Take your time,take your life …

Oh no :(
We can´t have Gals Panic II emulated without haze or even the rest of PGM.
Sad news for me.

Take care Haze.

Many thanks for your MAME works.
God bless you.

Massive kudos!
Enjoy the other part of your life, somebody else will pick up where you left off, don’t worry.

Thanks! Take care!

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. As you see it is very much appreciated by many people around the world, myself included.
Wishing you all the best in your future and your real life.
Greetings from Spain

You’ll be missed,Haze! Dearly.I wish you only the best in your life.How is your arm? Got any better? I hope so.

Muchas gracias por todo / Thank you very much !!!

Since Haze is gone Mame turn it in to nightmare, i just hate the news for now on.

Good for you, Haze. You only have one life; make the most of it, and be happy!

Thanks for all the hard work you have put into the project these past 18 years. Have truly enjoyed your write-ups too. Best of luck with your future endeavors wherever they lead you.

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