Each generation be thinkin’ that the next one is whack

Working at the Yumefuda colors.It appears to use the b000-b0ff region as two individual banks splitted in half (and the HW itself calls colors in the 0-7 range).Additionally color bits appears to be scrambled,so the madness is complete.

Preliminary screenshot:


It doesn’t help that I’m doing wild guesses based on the Hanafuda based-games…

In the other news,fixed the input and the sound in Good,so that the game is fully playable in the next version.

*edit* found the proper way,uses xRRRRRGG|GGGBBBBB format,used in some M68k games but is really weird to apply it in a Z80 HW game:


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2 Responses to “Each generation be thinkin’ that the next one is whack”

  1. OM Says:


  2. Kale Says:

    Thanks for the segnalation!
    As I can see,colors are 100% correct.

    PS: I have to do a MAME testers / Mantis registration,this could be done in the next few days.

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