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This is a list of limited edition games by Cave. Most of them were produced in very few copies and are very unlikely to be ever dumped.

•xx/xx/97 ~ Dodonpachi Blue Ver (aka Campaign Ver) – Cave – 1GEN – Japan – given as the grand prize for Japanese Sega Saturn DDP score trial; rumor is only 1 copy still exists Prototype for Daioujou.

•12/28/06 ~ Mushihimesama Ver 1.5 Blue Label – Cave – SH3 – Japan – Only playable at one Cave Festival, tuned for higher scoring, 'Campaign' style, Maniac Mode was omitted

•12/28/06 ~ Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 Red Label – Cave – SH3 – Japan – score trial special ver, Ketsui style system, Playable at a Cave festival and 3 PCBs awarded to top scorers, likely 1.51 on boot screen

•12/28/06 ~ Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.01 – Cave – SH3 – Japan – Playable at a Cave Festival, 2 extra bombs in stock, revised stage 4 boss patterns, etc. Later included in X360 home port as DLC

•12/30/07 ~ Muchi Muchi Pork! Dai Cave Festival Special Ver – Cave – SH3 – Japan – Playable at a Cave festival. Added Pink Sweets boss fights after normal bosses at the end of each stage. Allegedly included as DLC in the PS/MMP X360 port.

•12/30/07 ~ Deathsmiles: DIE Cave Festival Special Ver – Cave – SH3 – Playable at a few Cave Festivals, prototype for DSMBL. Level 99 difficulty selectable, suicide bullets, revised boss patterns

•09/23/07 ~ Ketsui Festival Ver - aka "Ketsui Blue Version" – Cave – PGM – Japan – Playable at a Cave Festival. 1 loop, increased difficulty but w/o suicide bullets, tighter distances, shot type switching

•08/15/08 ~ Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu Ver 1.5 Special – Cave – SH3b – Japan – Playable at a Cave festival. Only has a Power Style, other changes unknown

•10/30/10 ~ Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu Ver 1.51 – SH3b – Japan – playable at Cave Matsuris on pcb and shown in Cave History disc video; included in the DDP DFK 1.5 X360 port

•??/??/?? ~ Dodonpachi Saidaioujou Developer Version - accidentally leaked in a sale to S.L. on the shmups board

•12/30/07 ~ Guwange: Dai Cave Festival Tokubetsu Shiyou - changes game mechanics - probably "guwanges" in mame(?)

•??/??/?? ~ Ketsui special practice version - given to one of the superplay DVD players, lets you skip to DOOM; rumor is only 1 copy exists

•??/??/?? ~ Dodonpachi Daioujou Score Trial - http://www.gamengai.com/cmnt_inf.php?id=1966&type=translation

•??/??/?? ~ Oni Death - a prototype game made just before Dangun Feveron; rumor is nothing from the 90s was/is kept at Cave HQ

•??/??/?? ~ Danmaku Tengoku - a prototype game made just before Dodonpachi

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