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3 Bags Full
Developer(s) Aristocrat
Release date(s) 1995
Arcade system(s) Aristocrat MKIV, Aristocrat MKV
Arcade display Raster

MKIV versions 5VXFC790, Victoria and 3VXFC5345, New Zealand have been dumped and are in MAME.

A Jubilee MKIV version (South American, in Spanish) was dumped but the ROM images were corrupted after dumping. The game EPROMs were numbered 01J00554 and the base EPROMs 04J00694 (note that the ID format is identical to Jubilee MKV games but they are not MKV); it is unknown what the other ROMs were numbered as they all had uXX.bin as their filenames (with the Xs being numbers). The graphics ROMs are vastly different to the regular MK4 sets, with better detail. The video/sound ROM was identical to 2VAS/004 which is already dumped, and the colour PROM was repaired by hand.

Also released on MKV.

Known undumped MKIV versions: 4XF5196 (US)

Known undumped MKV versions: 0400201V (Casino), 0500201V (Casino). Other variants of xx00201V may also exist.