Adventure Mr. Do!

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Adventure Mr. Do!
Developer(s) Universal
Release date(s) 1985/Mar.
Arcade system(s) Laserdisc, Laser System 1
Arcade display Raster

Prototype laserdisc game. Did development start or was it only announced? Meant to have been on Universal's "Laser System 1" hardware (same hardware as "Super Don Quix-ote").

According to this thread, the CEO of Universal USA from 1980-1983 says: "I am unaware of any game of the title "Mrs. Dynamite" nor of any laser game called "Adventure Mr. Do". I do not believe either game was ever sold in the U.S.".

According to the Super Don Quix-ote flyer below, this game was "Model No. 8515 To be released in March 1985".

Super don quix-ote.jpg

Another view of this flyer can be found here at Dragon's Lair Project.

Game title may actually be "Adventure Mr. Dol" or something, last character might not be an exclamation point.

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