Battle Star (Centuri)

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Battle Star
Developer(s) Allied Leisure / Centuri
Release date(s) 1979
Arcade display Raster

Shown at the 1978 and 1979 AMOA show, but apparently never released.

According to Play Meter, Battle Star was a more sophisticated game than Lunar Invasion but "based on the same theme." It is a two-player game with a color monitor and a "solid field joystick".

According to another source, Battle Star was a space combat game with a color monitor. Each player has a home base where he can go to refuel. Landing in one's home base successfully scores 1000 points. Destroying the opponent's home base awards 1500 points. If a player lands badly, he loses points. A "clever aiming device" enables players to zero in on their targets. Supposedly there are "over 36 different ways to play" Battle Star.

Believed to have been developed by Allied Leisure prior to becoming Centuri.

Possibly sold by Leisure Time Electronics / Fascination Ltd., although from the given description it does not seem to match up with any of Leisure Time Electronics / Fascination Ltd.'s known games.

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