Battlestar Galactica

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Battlestar Galactica
Developer(s) Atari
Release date(s) 1984
Arcade system(s) Laserdisc
Arcade display Raster

Battlestar Galactica would have been a conversion kit for Atari's Fire Fox arcade game. Prototype. Below is an image of the test laserdisc containing footage of Battlestar Galactica and also a promotional video from Atari describing Battlestar Galactica. The format of the video suggests that it was a playable demo. It is believed, aside from this, that no other laserdisc was ever pressed nor were any ROMs ever burned.

According to Owen Rubin: "We started Battlestar Galactica, for which an early LD was made but not much else. We went to Universal and got to look through a LOT of footage (some aired some not) of shots from the shows. On Battlestar Galactica, it was my idea originally as I was a Galactica fan obviously (those are Cylon ships in Major Havoc, and the graphics displays in the tactical display were drawn like in Galactica as well), and the guys who did Star Wars and Firefox started the project. I did a small amount of work as well. All that was really done was some footage on the LD that let you land a fighter ship into one of the landing bays on either side of the large ship. Galactica was a fighter and land game using the laser disk to show progress. We shot a test landing sequence using only laser disk footage where you had to land on the Galactica. You could spin 360 degrees and had to land flat. Never got far."

According to the video poster, "The footage is basically test footage that used modified Firefox code. As far as I know, Atari dropped the project before any serious development started.

Near the end of the video is a frame of signatures from everyone who worked on putting this test game together. "Chris" might be Chris J. Horseman, who was the project leader for the unreleased Atari arcade game, The Last Starfighter. "Michon" is Ted Michon, another former Last Starfighter team member, "AJM" is likely graphics artist Alan J. Murphy. Unknown: the name in the top-left corner ("MShoo"?), the name in the bottom-center ("Rubin"? for Owen Rubin?) and "The Master" (?).

Ken Van Mersbergen has the source code for this test game, so should he ever decide to compile and release the ROMS for it, it might be possible to actually play it."

The name in the top-left corner, "MShoo"?, is definitely Moe Shore, Senior Video Editor on Fire Fox (Battlestar Galactica was intended to be a Fire Fox conversion.) Looking at the credits for Fire Fox, this could mean "Chris" is Fire Fox's Video Technical/Lab Design, Chris Crummett. The name in the bottom-center ("Rubin"? for Owen Rubin?) could actually perhaps be "Ralston" for Fire Fox's Game Design/Storyboards : Dave Ralston. I think "AJM" is actually "NM", but that puts me at a loss for what that could be. And of course, I still have no idea who or what "The Master" is.

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