Car Hunt/Deep Scan

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Car Hunt/Deep Scan
Car Hunt Flyer (side 2).jpg
Developer(s) Sega
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s) 1979
Arcade system(s) Vic Dual
Arcade display Raster

Sega/Gremlin VIC Dual PCBs have two sets of ROMs (typically) for two games, and a color lookup PROM in the upper left corner.

There is a part number for the color PROM it used in MAME source (316-0390), from the parts list in the Carnival manual.

gregf acquired the Gremlin/Sega manual no. 420-0386 (mentioned by him at MAMEWorld Forums) for scanning, and there is another manual still for sale here.

In 2011 it appears that a Car Hunt/Deep Scan cabinet was for sale on Gamekult.

A French version is dumped.

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