Chantze's Stone

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Chantze's Stone
Chantzes stone.png
Developer(s) Data East
Release date(s) 1985
Arcade system(s) Laserdisc
Arcade display Raster

Chantzs stone.jpg

We originally knew this as "Cashing Stone" but it seems it was actually titled "Chantze's Stone" (or "Chantz's Stone").

Unreleased laserdisc-based prototype. It was later adapted for the Mega LD as "Triad Stone" and for the 3DO and Sega Saturn as "Strahl". Unknown if ever pressed. sources: Japan Wikipedia, some Japanese arcade collector's book.

According to GDRI and a contact of theirs named "Youloute en Sucre" on Twitter:

"The original unreleased arcade version of Triad Stone/Strahl was called "キャッシングストーン." Cashing Stone. According to Yoshihisa Kishimoto's (French) biography, it was called Cashing Stone. He did not work on it but he was working for Data East when this game was in development. Game director: Rie Osuna, Animation director: Tomoyuki Kogawa"

Again, according to "Youloute en Sucre" on Twitter: "According to Yoshihisa Kishimoto, the arcade version was cancelled due to the fact that it was too similar to Dragon's Lair."

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