Circus Circus (Laserdisc)

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Circus Circus
Developer(s) Universal
Release date(s) 1986/Nov.
Arcade system(s) Laserdisc, Laser System 1
Arcade display Raster

Not to be confused with Universal's Circus Circus game from 1978, which was a clone of Exidy's Circus.

Instead, this was a prototype laserdisc game. Did development start or was it only announced? Meant to have been on Universal's "Laser System 1" hardware (same hardware as "Super Don Quix-ote").

According to the Super Don Quix-ote flyer below, this game was "Model No. 8652 To be released in November 1986".

Super don quix-ote.jpg

Another view of this flyer can be found here at Dragon's Lair Project.

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