Consolette 2000

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Consolette 2000
Developer(s) Atari Theater?
Release date(s) 1978? 1979?
Arcade system(s) 6502 Based, Cabinet
Arcade display raster

Probably the same PCB as Super Breakout, but with French language ROMs. Mostly just a different cabinet design.

A "Consolette" was shown at the May 1978 Atari distributor meeting, this could have been Consolette 2000 or Consolette.

Also known as "Wallbox" cabinet design.

Monitor oriented vertically.

Seen various info on this: designed by Atari and made by Atari France, Atari Theater logo on the flyer, made by French company only?

Consolette had PCBs made by Atari Europe, perhaps Atari Theater is a brand or subsidiary of Atari Europe?

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