Crazy Otto

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Crazy Otto
Crazy Otto.jpg
Developer(s) General Computing
Release date(s) 1981
Arcade display Raster

This is more commonly known as "Pac-Man With Legs", from the picture which appeared in a Time Magazine article about Pac Man fever spreading around the US. Anyway, GCC, known for making Food Fight and Quantum for Atari as a settlement for producing a Missile Command hack, had also made this hack of Pac-Man. After settling with Midway, the game was converted into the famous Ms. Pac-Man. Whether or not any boards of the "Crazy Otto" version exist (or were released to the public at all) is the big question. "Prototype".

UPDATE: Screenshots were posted on MAMEWorld, along with the promise of a dump release in early 2010.

UPDATE II: ROMs are preserved but won't be released.


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