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Developer(s) Atari / Kee
Release date(s) 1975/May 16
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

Emulated in DICE. All TTL based, no ROMs.

Circuit drawings date to 1974.

Probably only made it to field-test stage, not produced/released. Only one cabinet known to exist.

PCB: A003022.

Manual: TM-030 CROSSFIRE, Service Information.

gregf has parts catalog manual and schematics.

Gregf has found an incomplete service manual to this game.

Info from Keith Smith's message board post:

Here is what Lyle Rains told me about Crossfire back around 2000:

[Lyle Rains] Usually, an ultra-limited production run meant that we sold the pre-production prototypes and hoped nobody got mad at us. This was the case with Crossfire. The game required two players, each with a “gun”, at opposite sides of the playfield. Each player had a vertical position knob (a potentiometer like Pong) and a fire button. Each gun could have one shot in the air at a time. There was a big ball, which started at the center, and there were small bumpers in the playfield that made the ball bounce. You tried to “push” the ball into your opponent’s goal line by shooting it. Each hit added a little energy and it took multiple hits to get the speed of the ball up, but then you had to watch out for rebounds off the bumpers.

An interesting aspect of the game was the one-shot-at-a-time rule. If the ball was on your side of the field, then you could shoot more often than your opponent (unless, of course, you missed and had to wait for the shell to cross the entire screen). This made it possible to achieve remarkable “come-backs” from near-certain defeat. From the image posted it looks like it had joysticks, not paddle controls so Rains might have been misremembering (or maybe they changed controls at some point).

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