Cyber Surfin

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Cyber Surfin
Developer(s) Global Entertainment Systems
Release date(s) 1995
Arcade display Raster

Machine translation of the article linked below:

"One of the commandments of the future possibilities with the more radical interactive media indvolverer throughout the human body: a virtual surfbrædt, "Cyber Surfin '. The system is based specifically on virtual reality technology, and can be installed both as a traditional slot machine, where they normally are or where you now may have wanted and needed for surfing the always perfect conditions. Cyber Surfin machine is inexpensive, clean and very quiet on the outside, and allows for convincing surfing experiences via the hydraulically operated brædt and virtual reality helmet.

Cyber Surfin developed by Global Entertainment Systems from Leeds in England with Silicon Graphics. It reacts quickly to the user's movements, and computer graphics in VR helmet is updated immediately, so a lifelike simulation is achieved. Future plans for the system is equally perfect setups for the simulation of such. skiing, mountain biking, cycling and horse riding."

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