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Developer(s) Altare Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Release date(s) 1995
Arcade system(s) 3DO based
Arcade display Raster

Machine translation of the article linked below:

"Another system for which we can see some visiting foreign gaming and amusement parks is the XO-Tron VR Altare's Advanced Technologies. In contrast to the Abyss, here the user moves inside the gyroscope. This is the same patent which zachwycaliśmy his time in the movie "Lawnmower Man". With it players can literally move in all three directions and new solutions to the illusion of acceleration. What is interesting graphics processor can work Risk, and all equipment operates independently from external power sources and the gyroscope is folded and portable. Price is also quite accessible because it is "only" 34 thousand dollars. Since the set up to find four types of software that you wanted to say that this is the perfect entertainment for the whole family, which can go up for a picnic (although the old lady is best kept away from the gyroscope). One of the games - Shock Wave is flying around the pyramids and the pursuit of Battlemechów fire and flying objects (quoted from the description). Another game - Decent sounds more understandable, while the Total Eclipse is probably designed for lovers of romantic literature."

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