Deuces Wild Poker

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Deuces Wild Poker
Developer(s) Aristocrat
Release date(s) 199? (MK2.5), 200? (MKVI)
Arcade system(s) Aristocrat MK2.5, Aristocrat MKVI
Arcade display Raster

This was found in an Aristocrat copyright listing. Since Aristocrat bought CDS in 2001; it would own the same copyrights, so this Deuces Wild Poker could be the same game.

Update: Aristocrat versions actually do exist.

Known undumped MK2.5 versions: GEG026 (may or may not have "Poker" in the title - parts list reads "Deuces Wild")

Known undumped MKVI versions: 0151073 (US), 0251073 (US)