F-Zero AX (GDT-0004)

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F-Zero AX (GDT-0004, GDT-0004A, GDT-0004B, GDT-0004D)
Developer(s) Amusement Vision
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s) 06/2003
Arcade system(s) Triforce
Arcade display Raster

GD-ROM N°: GDT-0004

Versions C and E have been dumped and added to MAME. Version D is listed as "archived" in the MAME driver, but it hasn't been added yet. GDT-0004, GDT-0004A, GDT-0004B and GDT-0007 (the Asia version) are also wanted.

Guru has the number for this as GDX-0004.

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