Fast Draw

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Fast Draw
Developer(s) Atari
Release date(s) 1977
Arcade system(s) 8080 Based
Arcade display Raster

This game can't be found at System 16. According to the old Guru's Wanted List, this was developed from Arcade Engineering and licensed to Atari. (It's possible Atari internally gave it another name.)

Jack Pearson said in an interview: "Fast Draw was a video game - it was like Gunfight except you pushed a button instead of pulling a trigger. It was a flat game, like Atari's Football. Two people stood facing each other and whenever the light came on you had to hit the button."

Given the other games Arcade Engineering created at the time, it was probably a B&W 8080 game with discrete audio. The "flat game" quote implies it was cocktail-only, and two player. Prototype.

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