Formula K

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Formula K
Developer(s) Atari / Kee
Release date(s) Apr./04/1974
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display raster

The very first driving videogame.

Discrete logic - PCB is virtually the same for Gran Trak 10 / Trak 10 with the exception of revision differences and the substitution of discretes to replace the steering/Speed/Audio custom ASICs. One PROM (74186 @ K5) on the PCB contains the track graphics, there are two types of track layouts contained in each PROM, the selection of which is determined by wiring on the game PCB. The different names the game was marketed under determined the track PROM (1 or 2) and how it was wired. The PROM is shared on Gran Trak 10 and Trak 10 at least, possibly on Trak 20/Gran Trak 20 as well.

Formula K has 'oil slicks' on the track, with artwork screened onto the Monitor Plexi. It also uses an external 'lap timer' display, containing 4-digit 7-segment LED digits. Formula K pcbs can be differentiated between the other games by having a pin-header at the far end of the pcb that drives the lap timer pcb (Gran Trak 10 and Trak 10 do not have oil slicks or a lap timer).

PCBs: A000872 K3RT.

ROMs: #74186 Racetrack Prom (K5). (Electronic Arrays EA4800 16K (2048 x 8) Read Only Memory (ROM)).

Manual: TM-020 FORMULA K, Operation and Maintenance Manual, circa 1975.

andys-arcade has two unscanned manuals: Formula K Atari / Kee TM-020 yellow cover, bound; and Formula K Kee Games red covers, spiral bound.

gregf has the manual. Schematics and a full game theory of operation are found bound into other technical manuals. andys-arcade owns a fullsize dedicated machine, and lots of PCBs, but only one track PROM type.

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