Front Row

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Front Row
Front Row.jpg
Developer(s) Human
Release date(s) 1992
Arcade display Raster

Unreleased F1 race game. This is a chase-view F-1 racing game. It's split-screen on one monitor, and has digital inputs, a 2-way stick and three buttons. (The cabinet has an accelerator, brake, and a high-low gear shifter.)

Human released a similar game on the Mega Drive, "Fastest One".

World Championship is the single player mode. It has a total of six stages, America->Monaco->Canada->Italy->Spain->Japan, and you can go to the next race when you defeat a rival car. The player has to win all 6 races to get the champion's flag.

Battle is the versus mode. You choose a course and compete with 4 laps. When playing in 2-player Vs. mode, the winner of the 2 players can go to the next race even if he's in the 5th place while the loser can buy in next race.


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