Gran Trak 20

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Gran Trak 20
Developer(s) Atari
Release date(s) 1974/Aug.
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

ROMs/PROMs used and now dumped. Shares ROMs with Atari's Trak 20 and Kee Games' Twin Racer.

Atari's codename for this game was: Race Track 2.

gregf had PCB, sent to siftware and was dumped.

Seen both 08/1974 and 09/1974 as dates for this.

PCBs: A001791 (RT20 main), A001793 (A20 digital). (Revisions: Rev. D...).

ROM: #74186 Racetrack Prom (K5). (Electronic Arrays EA4800 16K (2048 x 8) Read Only Memory (ROM)).

Manual: TM-004 GRAN TRAK 20/TRAK 20, Operating and Maintenance Manual.

gregf has manual with schematics. andys-arcade has Gran Trak 20 Atari tons of customer service bulletins, as well as the manual with schematics.

andys-arcade also has both PCBs.

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