Hamtaro Sunflower Roulette

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Hamtaro Sunflower Roulette
Developer(s)  ?
Publisher(s) Taito
Release date(s) 2004
Arcade display Raster

Hamtaro Sunflower Roulette (とっとこハム太郎ひまわりルーレット)

It is #4 in a children's medal series; #1 - Uminin Picture Matching, #2 - Uminin Fishing, and #3 Tottoko Hartarou Tottokomawaru Yo Hamu Chan Zu are found mentioned at the developer's site, all presumably published by Taito.

The developer's site is called t-sys.co.jp. It says they developed Ma Que Xuan Feng (which says it was developed by Sun Mixing) and Mahjong Gakuensai 2 (which only mentions the publisher Make Soft).

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