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Developer(s) Homedata
Release date(s) 1990-1992
Arcade display Raster

No screenshot can be found, and there is much confusion over who made the original version, and what system it was on. Nintendo is said to have bought the rights and added Mario characters to the Bullet-Proof Software SNES game being shown at the 1992 CES, Hermetica, and changed its name to Yoshi's Cookie. Confusion is caused by Homedata and Bullet-Proof Software both being on the copyright screen of the SNES version of Yoshi's Cookie, and an unreleased arcade version of Hermetica is listed at GDRI. It looks like Homedata made an unreleased arcade game, BPS bought the rights and made a SNES game out of it, then Nintendo bought the rights and turned it into Yoshi's Cookie.

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