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Developer(s) Atari
Release date(s) 1975/Apr. 29
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

Should be all TTL based, no ROMs - though one page of the manual did indicate a ROM being used.

Also (mistakenly) known as "Highway" (although it was released with this name overseas).

Atari's codename for this was: Arcade Driver.

Emulated in DICE.

First cockpit driver?

PCB: A003211. (Revisions: Rev. A...).

Manual: TM-028 HIGHWAY, Service Information.

gregf has manual with schematics. andys-arcade has manual with schematics.

andys-arcade also has the PCB.

Called "Road Race" in the July 5 1975 issue of Cash Box.

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