Hot Shell

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Hot Shell
Hot Shell.jpg
Developer(s) Hot Games. Ltd
Release date(s) 200?
Arcade system(s) Proteus Gamebox
Arcade display Raster

Kit for the Proteus Gamebox, containing 26 games.

The games are: BANZAI (cash), BULLSEYE (cash), CASHCADE (cash), CRYPTIC CLUES (cash), HANGMAN 2 (cash), JOURNEY TILL THE END OF THE EARTH (cash), DONKEY KONG QUIZ (cash), MATRIX (cash), WWTB MILLIONAIRE (cash), MINUTE TO WIN IT (cash), ROLLERBALL (cash) [similar to skill ball bingo but with questions], SOUTHPARK (cash), SPACE INVADERS QUIZ (cash), SPORTS QUIZ (cash), STRIKE QUIZ (cash), CRYSTAL MAZE (skill cash), DARTS (skill fun), FRUITIX (skill fun), FRUITIX JACKPOT (skill cash), GOAL FOR IT (skill cash), POOL (skill fun&cash), PYRAMIDS (skill fun), STRIKE BOWLING (skill fun), SUBBUTEO (skill fun), TOP TRUMPS FOOTBALL (skill fun), TOP TRUMPS SIMPSONS (skill fun).