Indy 800

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Indy 800
Developer(s) Atari / Kee
Release date(s) 1975/Apr. 14
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

Dumped and in MAME, but not yet emulated. First 8-player game.

PCBs: A003000 (Car PCB) (Revisions: Rev. C...), A003170 (Score PCB) (Revisions: Rev. B...), A003182 (Sync PCB) (Revisions: Rev. B...), A003184, A003191 (PSU PCB) (Revisions: Rev. E...), A003198 (Indy Octo Card Extender) (Revisions: Rev. C...), A003199 (Backplane Cage) (Revisions: Rev. A...).

ROMs: #003186 Car Video (K2); #003187 Car Motion (K4); #003188 Check Points (E5); #003189 Race Track (F4).

Additional race track PROM kits: Information from barely legible paperwork (owned by andys-arcade) indicates the following :

- "Standard" #3188, #3189
- "Double Cross" #3897
- "Watkins Glen" #3898
- "Le Mans" #3899
- "Daytona" #3990 (Note : ten points awarded every two laps)
- "Sebring" #3991

Manual: TM-026 INDY 800, Service Information (later called Service Manual).

There was an "Indy 500" cabinet (see link below) This was likely just a development name, as Indy 500 is copyrighted and licensing names was not common in the industry at this point.

andys-arcade has manual with schematics.

andys-arcade also has the PCBs.

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