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Developer(s) Stern
Release date(s) 1982
Arcade display Raster

According to the January 15, 1982 issue of Play Meter, Stern licensed a number of games from Konami which didn't yet have titles. One of them was tentatively called Type - 110, which Play Meter claims they renamed "Journey". Sega supposedly also licensed the same game and called it "Vega".

According to Shoegazer at unMAMEd, there’s reason to believe Stern’s Journey was actually a prototype only given to Starcade... the name later being changed to "Conquest" and licensed to Tago Electronics to avoid conflicts with Midway’s Journey which would have been released to market at about that time.

According to Lord Nightmare, Tago Corporation made a 3-swappable game set in 1982 with 3 PCBs that you could swap, sort of a proto-JAMMA idea. All used a common connector. One was Anteater, another was Calipso, and the third was Conquest. Conquest was the game Stern had planned to license as Journey and was shown on Starcade.

Marcelo Hassmer won it on Starcade. According to him (at KLOV Forums), he got rid of it years ago, does not remember the details on where, and hasn't seen it since.

See also: Type - 110 by Konami and Conquest by Tago.

No relation to Conquest by Williams. VidKidz/Williams Conquest is a different game: horizontal; spinner, 2 buttons. Stern Journey = Tago Conquest, which is vertical with 4 buttons.

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