Lucky Numbers

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Lucky Numbers
Developer(s) Aristocrat
Release date(s) 1986
Arcade system(s) Aristocrat MK2.5
Arcade display Raster

Lucky Numbers is a random number game on Aristocrat MK2.5 hardware. Two versions exist: an earlier version with the copyright string "1986 Ainsworth Nominees P.L" as well as an updated "1993 Aristocrat" version. The 1986 version has two virtual scratch tickets on screen and a solid colour background similar to Aristocrat's video poker games of the era (black, blue, green or red background selectable via dip switches), while the 1993 version has a revamped interface with larger fonts and shaded numbers (similar to the slot games) in place of the scratch tickets. In both versions, numbers 1 to 3000 are randomly chosen when the player places their bet. Bet 1 activates the left side number and bet 2 activates both the left and right sides (or lines, as per the 1993 version - line 1 is arranged on top of line 2 on this version). Upon completing a game, the machine will print out a ticket with the result of the last game (regardless of a win or a loss); winning tickets must be presented to a cashier as the game does not pay out coins (at least with the version which used to be in bingo venues in Victoria, Australia up to around 2000). In Victoria, it was a 50 cent game ($1 buys 2 credits).

While the topbox shows the correct name of 'Lucky Numbers' (or more correctly, 'Win CA$H Prizes With Lucky Numbers'), the belly panel has alternate artwork named 'Action Packed' and 'Winning Ways'. This alternating artwork was usually seen when groups of these machines were together in a row.

1234 - 300 credits
2345 - 200 credits
x777 - 100 credits
x999 - 50 credits
xx11 - 10 credits
xx33 - 4 credits
xx55 - 4 credits
xx66 - 4 credits
xxx8 - 2 credits

'x' can represent any number (e.g. 777, 1777 and 2777 will all pay 100 credits).

Known undumped versions: 1VXEC572

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