Mad Dancing

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Mad Dancing
Mad Dancing.jpg
Developer(s) Human
Release date(s) 1992
Arcade display Raster

This Final Fight style game is unique in several ways. The three buttons are Upper Attack, Lower Attack and Jump. You hold the attack button to block. The player first crouches when you hold the jump button, then jumps when you release it. Pressing both attack buttons triggers Super Attack, which decreases your energy. Pressing all buttons when the gauge is full triggers the Special Attack. The Special Attack gauge increases when you kill an enemy.

There are three planes to play on, like in Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury. You switch with the Up/Down key. The first stage has three rounds, and you proceed by killing all the enemies. There's a boss every three rounds. You can recover in a bonus round between stages, or by slow degrees when you hold still. Energy recovery items don't exist. This game doesn't have lives, so an empty energy gague means game over. The characters are Joe Sawamura (Muay Thai), Yuko Akiyama (Rhythmic Gymnastics), and Raiden-Riki (Sumo Wrestler)

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