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Welcome to the Undumped Wiki!!

The purpose of this wiki and website is to be a repository of links and information for all arcade games for which there are no known ROM dump, due to the lack of original boards from which to obtain the necessary information.

Proceed to the Undumped Games list or to the very preliminary Undumped Slots list to see a list of these games.

Some games do not have anything to dump and emulate traditionally, due to their use of TTL-based discrete logic, including sometimes even their non-usage of ROMs. You can check out the project to organize information for emulation purposes at the list of Undocumented Discrete Logic Arcade Games. As they are simulated and added to MAME, they will be added to the Documented list.

Some games may not have anything to dump, due to their use of electromechanical hardware. You can check out this list of games at the Electromechanical list.

Some games may have something to dump, but may be more difficult to emulate in a playable fashion due to their lack of a screen. You can check out this list of games at the Screenless list.

Also, some games do not have anything to dump for various technological or historical reasons. You can check out this list of games at the Nothing To Dump list.

You may also be interested in checking out our Bad Dump and NoDump ROM list.

Over time we have discovered the nonexistence and/or disproved the existence of many games. Please go to the Does Not Exist category to see a list of these games.

After MAME merged with MESS, dumping targets have expanded to include all kinds of machines that use dumpable media.

Here is the very preliminary list of Undumped Console Games.

Not all pinball machines are coin-operated, to see a list of Non Coin-Operated Pinball, click here.

Most, if not all simulators are undumped, to see a list of Simulators, click here.

At this moment, Undumped Wiki has 9,723 articles.

How to submit additions / removals / changes

Due to severe spamming attacks, we have been forced to disable unregistered editing and to disable creation of new accounts. If you have any suggestions, or want to have an account on the wiki, please contact us by posting on the FORUM. We will be glad to make the modifications you suggest by ourselves, or to create an account for you. Sorry for the trouble.

How to submit ROMs or PCBs

If you have just dumped ROMs for an undumped game, or dumped an alternate revision of a currently dumped game, or even dumped good dumps of bad or missing ROMs currently listed in MAME, then please contact the MAMEDev team by clicking here and going through the communication process. Alternatively if you have many PCBs that you can dump and send in, or are interested in dumping more in the future, you can contact Smitdogg to see about joining The Dumping Union, an organization he runs. If you have an undumped PCB but have no way to dump it, you should also contact Smitdogg. You should also contact The Dumping Union if you have funds you can donate to offset the expenses associated with acquiring games and dumping ROMs.

Ongoing Discussions

All ongoing discussion has been moved to the FORUM, please check it out whenever you can to get, or give, advice on how to proceed! Use of "Talk" pages for discussion is currently discouraged. Please feel free to report any comments, errors, or whatever you think may be useful, and THANKS for your time in helping the MAME community!

Dumped games since the debut of the Undumped Wiki

Here are all games listed on the Undumped Wiki which have been preserved since its debut, thanks to the efforts of donators, collectors and dumpers all around the world. Please note that it's an incomplete list of preserved games, since many dumped games weren't in the wiki or are alternate versions of already dumped games. We do not plan at this time to expand the list of dumped games in any other way than changing entries from "Undumped" to "Dumped".

Likewise, here are all discrete logic arcade machines listed on the Undumped Wiki which have been preserved since its debut.