Mario Undoukai

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Mario Undoukai
Mario Undoukai Cabinet.jpg
Developer(s) Banpresto
Publisher(s) Banpresto
Release date(s) 1993
Genre(s) Minigames
Arcade display Raster

Very obscure Mario game with foot controls aimed at small children.

Translations of descriptions from Japanese websites:


At the game corners in big supermarkets etc. I've discovered kids' foot-games. (lol)
These pictures are both of the "Kids' Land" at Senri Chuou.


Wow, in *1993* Banpresto manufactured, I believe it was "Mario Undoukai".
It looked like you controlled it with a platform, which made Mario & other Nintendo Mario Brothers-related characters move, letting you clear all kinds of mini-games. It was mainly stuff like running and jumping, I don't know whether matching the sound was an element or not.
The platform doesn't have any metal parts, so because I was worried about the sturdiness I still have yet to play it. (lol)

DDR SOLO にも手すり欲しいぞ。

It definitely seems like DDR was not the industry's first foot-game, although this one is a little
Heck, DDR Solo doesn't even have a handrail!


I wonder if you could catch sight of one of these someplace like Daiei?


* A child-oriented game using the feet that came out in 1993; the design resembles DDR a lot, except this came out first.


* Although it's described as like DDR, it was manufactured by Banpresto, and the point wasn't to dance along with songs, it was a game where you used the foot panel to control Mario.


Because it mainly tended to be set up in the kids' amusement facilities in department stores and supermarkets rather than normal arcades, this is a machine that's rarely seen.