Night Racer

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Night Racer
Developer(s) Digital Games
Publisher(s) Micronetics
Release date(s) 1976/Dec.
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

Atari's Night Driver and Midway's 280-ZZAP are (licensed?) clones of this game in terms of gameplay, but using a microprocessor. Night Racer's development was inspired by Nürburgring/1.

Supposedly Micronetics wanted to use a microprocessor, but in the end used discrete logic.

A claim on KLOV is that "there appears to be a custom CPU on one of the boards" but this could be a CPU implemented in discrete logic (like the Cinematronics cinemat.cpp games), or just one of KLOV's many inaccuracies.

Also seen 03/1977 as date for this.

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