Oh Shou

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Oh Shou
Developer(s) Coreland
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s) 1982
Arcade system(s) SG-1000 Based
Arcade display Raster

Also known as Serizawa Hachidan no Tsumeshougi Oushou.

Serizawa Hachidan no Tsumeshougi Oushou (芹沢八段の詰め将棋 王将) (Referring to Serizawa Hirobumi, a famous shogi player with the high rank of 8 dan, and tsumeshogi, a type of shogi problem.)

Ported to the SG-1000 console in 1983.

The SG-1000 hardware is said to have been created in 1981, but not released as a console until 1983.

The arcade release of Oh Shou is an example of an early use for the hardware.

The main differences from the console version are: the game is timed, 4 buttons are used, the difficulty can be selected, and the monitor is vertical.

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