Orchid Magic

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Orchid Magic
Developer(s) Aristocrat
Release date(s) 2005
Arcade system(s) Aristocrat MKVI
Arcade display Raster

There doesn't seem to be any evidence showing that this game exists outside of a single leaked x86/Win32 (specifically Windows 98-XP) port of the game (which was a factory test program, compiled from the game's original source code rather than ROM dumps; the program is not an emulator and does not contain any ROMs or SH4 code whatsoever). While Gaming History (Arcade History) states 2005 as the year, the game is closer to late 2003 or early 2004 in design, as (non-US) games from mid-2004 onwards have a smaller font for the credit/bet/win digits.

One interesting thing is that the internal game ID shown in the Machine Identification menu is 100033AV (aka game #0033 or a theoretical EPROM set 10003311, had it been compiled for standard MK6/SH4 hardware and not Win32) which corresponds to a very early MK6 title. No known game has the ID 10003311, however the first release of Go For Green (NSW/ACT, 2001) is 10003411 and resembles every other early game of the era (large gold credit/bet/win digits with no dollars and cents conversion underneath, narrower denomination sign, automatic play with the button held down, etc.); Orchid Magic's game engine and fonts have more in common with 2003-2004 era games such as 5 Dragons. The program also contains a port of the base system 09011001 (again, x86 code and not SH4 or a ROM dump), which actually does exist, has been dumped and is already in MAME.

The game also has the same combination number 601/3 and year 1999 as the original MKV Orchid Mist despite having a different bet and payout percentage. Normally, the combination number and date would be amended (for example "601/4") or changed to a completely different number when a game is significantly altered from its original design. The date is however different between games (D - 17/11/99 compared to the original C - 03/02/99). Unlike the original game, Orchid Magic pays double for 4-of-a-kind wins on the diagonal lines (9 and 10), which are labelled as bonus lines on this game, and it only costs 9 credits to play all lines instead of 10 credits (both games still have 10 lines in the same 4x4 reel format). Notably, clones of Orchid Mist (with different graphical themes but the same gameplay such as Chicken Pickin') exist but not clones with the "Bonus" line design of Orchid Magic. This may even be an unreleased prototype, hence the complete lack of information.

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