Outback Jack

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Outback Jack
Developer(s) Aristocrat
Release date(s) 2005
Arcade system(s) Aristocrat MKVI
Arcade display Raster

Version 20195211, NSW is in MAME. The NSW version has a max bet of 600 credits. Two Victorian versions with a max bet of 300 credits are known to exist. As of 2018, the only Victorian version to remain in venues is the former Tabaret version (it was also released at Tatts Pokies venues where it was always a 2c game, the main difference being the Tatts version had a dot-matrix ticket printer for collects over 50 coins, as typical for all Tatts games released until circa 2007 - this 2c version was banned in 2010 when maximum bet rules were dropped from $10 to $5, rendering the game's $6 (300 x 2c) max bet illegal). The Tabaret version was simply changed to 1c (or with the possibility of the original 2c version being replaced with a 1c version, it is unknown whether separate versions of the games with different denominations existed or whether the denomination could be changed in-game).

The Victorian versions have a minor quirk in that during the Big Rock bonus, the "big win" music (called "WINTUNE32" in to the sound test) does not play when the boomerang is thrown, making it possible to guess the approximate win amount before it has stopped counting. This also means that the "coin fountain" animation and accompanying classical music plays if the win is a significant amount. On the standard version (NSW and casino), the WINTUNE32 music masked the regular win music (and the coin fountain animation hidden) so that players couldn't tell how many credits were won. Coincidentally, on the non-Victorian versions, this music masking introduced a bug - if the Card Feature was triggered on the same spin as the Big Rock bonus, the WINTUNE32 music would continue to play for every win onwards until another Big Rock bonus was triggered.

An earlier version previously at Crown Melbourne used to have a graphics priority bug where if the gold mine collapsed while digging, the falling rocks would not show until they were on the ground, possibly being displayed behind the gold mine graphics layer. It is unknown whether this was an earlier revision (e.g. x0222511 with the leading digit less than 4). The version in Crown Melbourne as of 2018 does not have this bug.

Known undumped versions: 40222511 (Casino), 0352512 (US), 0552512 (US)

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