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Developer(s) Atari
Release date(s) 11/29/1972
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display raster

All TTL based, no ROMs. Emulated in DICE, Laser, and MAME.

PCBs: A001433. (Revisions: Rev. E...).

PCB was used in Dr. Pong, Pong In-A-Barrel, Puppy Pong, Snoopy Pong, and slightly modified into Superpong.

Game was followed by Pong Doubles.

Manual: TM-013 PONG Troubleshooting Guide. Also TM-029 - Atari -- Kurz-Kasch, Inc. Computer Games Operators Handbook. 1974. Covers Pong, Pong Doubles, Space Race, Quadrapong, Superpong, Gotcha, Color Gotcha, Rebound, World Cup, Gran Trak 10. 113 pages.

Also imported by Namco (Japan).

On the real board, graphics elements should have slight luminance variances as indicated by the schematics (net, player and score mix with different resistor values).

andys-arcade has the PCB.

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