Royal Poker 2

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Royal Poker 2
Developer(s) F2 System
Release date(s) 2002
Arcade display Raster

A "Royal Poker 2 (Network Version 3.12)" has been added to MAME with copyright date 1999.

The following versions of "Royal Poker 2" are known to exist: World Version, Taiwan Version, Japan Version, Coin Version, Medal Version, Ace Coin Version, Ace Medal Version, Gold Version, Silver Version, Network 5, Network 10, Network 15, Network 20, Network M 5, Network M 10, Network MS 15, Network MS 20, Network Ace 5, Network Ace 10, Network Ace 15, Network Ace 20, Network Ace M 5, Network Ace M 10, Network Ace M 15, Network Ace M 20, Gold 5, Gold 10, Gold 15, and Gold 20.

Royalpoker21.jpg Royalpoker22.jpg Royalpoker23.jpg Royalpoker24.jpg Royalpoker26.jpg Royalpoker27.jpg Royalpoker28.jpg Royalpoker29.jpg

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