Salter Cardioline Pro Cycle

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Salter Cardioline Pro Cycle
Developer(s) Gaelco
Release date(s) 1995
Arcade display Raster

A Gaelco game called "Last Km" is in MAME, but they are confirmed not the same game (see link below).

According to MAMEDev's old Gaelco contact, Salter "was a two person cycling simulator (running on bizarre hardware) made by request by a friend of some of Gaelco's management. There are only two PCBs, one belonging to the person who requested the game, and the other should be in the hands of Gaelco or in the house of an ex-employee."

Originally MAMEdev thought this might have been a one-off prototype based on the description above, but it turns out, there's been a few more of these discovered in Spain (at auctions) since MAMEDev's last communications with a former Gaelco employee. One of these has been dumped by Team and Dumping Union members, and is in MAME.

Inside the machine was found a JAMMA PCB similar to Touch and Go, with a GAE1-501 chip, but without sound chips.

There was also a separate I/O board with a protected MCU (undumped) and another small board from Polar, probably for the pulsometer and body fat meter.

There was also a recumbent bicycle version of the cabinet titled "Salter Cardioline Pro Reclimber" which seems to have the same game (but should probably be located and verified.)

A stepper version has yet to be located and dumped, the game appears to be significantly different.

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