Shark JAWS

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Shark JAWS
Developer(s) Atari / Horror Games
Release date(s) 1975/Sep. 25
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

Emulated in DICE. Dumped and in MAME, but not yet emulated.

First animated characters?

Atari's codename for this game was: Fish.

PCB: A003806. (Revisions: Rev. A...).

ROMs: #004182 Shark & Fish P-ROM (DA1); #004183 Diver P-ROM (DB1).

Manual: TM-047 SHARK JAWS, Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual.

andys-arcade has the manual.

andys-arcade also has the PCB.

"Horror Games" was started to protect Atari in case the film company sued Atari over the game's similarities to the movie JAWS.

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