Space Bug

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Space Bug
Developer(s) Allied Leisure / Centuri
Release date(s) 1979
Arcade display Raster

Introduced at the 1979 AMOA show, but apparently never released.

According to Play Meter, Space Bug was a competitive game in which "two players attempt to push a series of 24 value squares up the monitor and into a larger square."

According to another source, the game features two "space bugs" which acting sort of like forklifts try to push boxes with point values into one of two storage bins. Optionally, the player can play single-player against the computer.

Believed to have been developed by Allied Leisure prior to becoming Centuri.

Possibly sold by Leisure Time Electronics / Fascination Ltd., although from the given description it does not seem to match up with any of Leisure Time Electronics / Fascination Ltd.'s known games.

There is a discussion about an unknown arcade game in the MAMEWorld forums; the description of it matches the description of this game, they probably are the same game.

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