Super Death Chase

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Super Death Chase
Developer(s) Exidy
Release date(s) 1977/Oct.
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display raster

Exidy changed the humanoid figures on the screen to look like skeletons (perhaps in an effort to avoid the controversy that had plagued its predecessor) and added a randomly appearing flashing bonus ghost for bonus points. There is a picture of the game in the Bill Kurtz book, Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games, on page 41. Very different 36-inch-wide cabinet then the original Death Race cabinet. Rumor is they made a sample run of the game before they decided to not produce any more due to the negative publicity of the Death Race game. The game was shown at the 1977 AMOA show, but apparently never made it into full production and only a few units were built (less than 10 made). Modifications were made by Arlen Grainger. Prototype?

Essentially this was "Death Race II", a sequel, although the actual game did not change that much.

Seen also 11/1977 date on this.

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