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Developer(s) Atari
Release date(s) 02/04/1974
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display raster

All TTL based, no ROMs. Factory modified version of Pong.

PCBs: A000423.

Manual: 422. Also, TM-029 - Atari -- Kurz-Kasch, Inc. Computer Games Operators Handbook. 1974. Covers Pong, Pong Doubles, Space Race, Quadrapong, Superpong, Gotcha, Color Gotcha, Rebound, World Cup, Gran Trak 10. 113 pages.

andys-arcade has PCB (duplicate of Pong with mods).

According to bit_slicer's website:

The Super Pong upgrade is amazingly simple. Atari engineers cut one trace and tied in two unused AND gates at ref des C1 using hookup wire. Anyone with rudimentary soldering skills can perform the upgrade:
- Cut trace in the middle between E3 pin 13 and H3 pin 2.
- Attach wire between C1 pin 1 and H5 pin 6.
- Attach wire between C1 pin 2 and C1 pin 8.
- Attach wire between C1 pin 3 and H3 pin 2.
- Attach wire between C1 pin 9 and E2 pin 13.
- Attach wire between C1 pin 10 and C6 pin 14.
That’s it! Coin up and play some Super Pong!

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