TV Pinball

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TV Pinball
Developer(s) Ramtek?
Publisher(s) Exidy
Release date(s) 1974/Nov.
Arcade system(s) Discrete Logic
Arcade display Raster

According to Discrete Logistics, Exidy TV Pinball has a licensed version called TV Pingame by Chicago Coin. Flipper Ball by Cinematronics, Knockout by Ramtek, TV Flipper by Midway, Pinball by Diversified Entertainment, and Ricochet (Nutting Associates) also appear to be the same game. It is not known what the first game was, but it appears to be Knockout.

TV Pinball and TV Flipper were both announced in the December 1974 issue of Vending Times and were both shown at the 1974 MOA show in November (November 1-3).

Also available as "Table Pinball" (cocktail) from 1974/Nov.

This is a production discrete logic game that came from the Ramtek split along with Table Football / Table Foosballer. TV Pinball's prototype name was supposedly The Sting.

Also seen 12/1974 date on this. Model # TVPB. Part # PB-4. Uses ROMs/PROMs, but undumped as of yet.

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