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Developer(s) Williams
Publisher(s) Amtec
Release date(s) 1980
Arcade display raster

Bootleg of Defender. In MAME as Zero.

According to Deb of ICVZ, "Marco Cerigioni, in his book "Avoid Missing Ball", says French company Jeutel exposed Zero at a London Exhibition (ATEI?) for a few hours, then Scotland Yard confiscated the game. Then, at Milan Fair, there were three version of Defender: the original one, Jeutel's Zero and the Amtec/Videogames GmbH bootleg called Tornado. This is the only mention of "Amtec's Tornado" I found. I've never seen a unit with this name. However, I've never seen a "Zero" unit, also. They were rare and many local distributors got rid of these bootlegs in a hurry, since the war against pirates had started."

ICVZ currently states "It was distribuited with two names; Zero, like the PCB used for dumping, and Tornado, as written in a flyer.."

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