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(Nintendo Game & Watch)
(Nintendo Game & Watch)
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| Merry Cook (Elektronika) || 1989 || Bootleg ||style="background: LightGreen;"| ✓ ||style="background: LightGreen;"| ✓  
| Merry Cook (Elektronika) || 1989 || Bootleg ||style="background: LightGreen;"| ✓ ||style="background: LightGreen;"| ✓  
| Space Bridge (Elektronika) || 1989 || Bootleg ||style="background: LightGreen;"| ✓ ||style="background: LightGreen;"| ✓

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Minor Undumped lists

LCD Handhelds (ADK)

LCD Keychain (ADK)
Name Dumped In MAME? Notes
Pocket Caddy Information
Pocket Esthe Information
Pocket Walk Information

LCD Handhelds (Tiger)

LCD Handhelds (Tiger) (Sharp SM5xx)
Name Dumped In MAME? Notes
007: GoldenEye
101 Dalmatians (72 Series) Video Image
101 Dalmatians (version 2) Image
101 Dalmatians (version 3) Image
101 Dalmatians (version 4) Image
3D Baseball Information
3D Football Information
3D Ninja Fighter Image
3D Skating Image
3D Tank Attack Information
720 Degrees Image
A Bug's Life Image
The A-Team / Agence Tous Risques (Double Wide Screen) Information
The A-Team / Agence Tous Risques (Large Screen) Information
The A-Team (Shaped) Information
Action Man Image
Action Man - Space Commando Image
Action Man - Super Ninja Image
Action Man - Super Ninja (alt) Image
The Addams Family Video
After Burner Information
After Burner (Tabletop) Information
Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing Image
Aladdin Information
Alien Resurrection Image
All Pro Basketball Information
All Pro Basketball (newer) Image
Altered Beast
American Gladiators Image
An American Tale Fievel Goes West Image
Anastasia Image
Animali Della Preistoria Image
Animaniacs Hollywood Hi Jinx Information
Apollo 13
Area 51 Information
Astro Snik Image Orlitronic brand
Atlanta 1996: Baseball
Atlanta 1996: Basketball Image
Atlanta 1996: Boxing Image
Atlanta 1996: Wrestling Image
Babe And Friends Image
Back To The Future
Barnyard Commandos Image
Baseball Information
Baseball (alt) Image
Basketball Image
Batman (newer) Image
Batman (newer, alt) Image
Batman (newer, alt 2) Image
Batman (Tabletop) Information
Batman and Robin Image
Batman Forever Double Dose of Doom
Batman Forever Double Dose Of Doom (newer) Image
Batman The Animated Series Information
Batman Returns (78 series) Information
Batman Returns (newer) Image
Battle Arena Toshinden Image
Battlebots Image
Battleship Image
Beach Network Image
Beauty and the Beast Video Image
Beavis and Butthead Information
Beep Beep Image
Beepers Fearsome Fighters Information
Beepers Screamin’ Speedway Information
Beethoven's 2nd Image
Beetlejuice Information
Biker Mice From Mars Image
Bo Jackson Football and Baseball Video Image
Bombs Away Information
Bonkers Image
Bowl-A-Rama Information
Bowling should be the same as Fast Lane Bowling Information Images
Bruce Lee Image
Bug! Pocket Arcade Image
Bugs Bunny Multiple case versions? Image Image
Butt-Ugly Martians Information
Cabbage Patch Kids Butterfly Chase Information
California Dreams Image
Candy Land Adventure Video
Captain Planet Information
Car Racing Super Speedway Information
Car Racing Super Speedway (newer) Image
Casino Solitaire Game Image
Casper Image
Castlevania II Simon’s Quest Information
Castlevania Symphony of the Night Information
Cat & Mice Information
Cat Dog Image
Caveman / Dinosaure Information
Championship Wrestling Image
Chicken Run Image
Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers Information
Chipmunks Image
Cinderella Image
Clay Shoot Image Grandstand brand
Columns Pocket Arcade Image
Conan The Adventurer Image
Congo The Movie Image
Cool World Image
Crash Bandicoot Image
Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos Image
Dale Earnhardt Winner’s Circle Information
Dan Marino’s Quarterback Challenge Information
Danger In The Digital World Image
Daring Dolphin Image
Darkwing Duck Image
Days Of Thunder Image
Daytona USA Video Image
Deion Sanders Baseball Image
Demolition Man Image
Dennis the Menace Image
Dick Tracy Image
Digimon Image
Digimon Yolei and Hawkmon Image
Digimon Kari and Gatomon Image
Dinosaurs! Information
Dinosaurs TV Show Image
Dirt Track Go Kart Racing Information Images
Double Dragon
Double Dragon II Video Image
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone Video
Double Dribble does this exist? same as konami?
Doug Image
Dr. Fad Information
Dragon Information
Dragon Ball Z (type 1) Image
Dragon Ball Z (type 2) Image
Dragon Ball Z (type 3) Image
Dragon Ball Z (type 4) Image
Dragon Ball Z (type 5) Image
Dragon Ball Z (type 6) Image
Dragon Heart Image
Duck Tales Video Image
Duke Nukem 3D Video
Earth 2 Image
Ecco The Dolphin Video Image
Ed Grimley Information
Extreme Ghostbusters Image
Family Dog Image
Fast Lane Bowling should be the same as Bowling Information
Felix The Cat Image
Ferrari Image
FIFA 98 Road To World Cup Image
Fighting Golf Image
Fishing Champion Image
Flipper Image
Flyzz! Image
Football (American) Information
Football (alt) Image
Football (European / Soccer) Probably same ROM as Soccer Images
Football Pocket Arcade Image
Formula 1 Image
Formula One Racing Image
Fox’s Peter Pan & The Pirates Information Image
Free Willy 2 The Adventure Home Image
Frogger Information
Frogger (Alt) Information
Full House Image
Fun House Information
Furby Image
Galaxx Information
Galaxy Information
Gargoyles Night Flight Information
Gargoyles Night Flight (newer) Image
Gazza's Image
Ghostblaster Image
G.I. Joe Star Brigade Information
Go, Sprout! Information
Godzilla Image
Golden Axe
Golden Tee Golf Image
Goof Troop Image
Goofy Image
Grandprix Image Grandstand brand
Guerrilla War Image
Hang-On Information
Harley Davidson Motor Cycles - Road To Daytona Image
Harry Potter Book of Spells Image
Harry Potter Fluffy Action Game Information
Harry Potter Hogwarts Labyrinth Information
Harry Potter Mini Action Games (Harry) Image
Harry Potter Mini Action Games (Hagrid) Information
Harry Potter Quidditch 2000 Edition Image
Harry Potter Quidditch Image
Hard Drivin' Video Image
Heavy Barrel Information
Hercules Image
Hercules (newer) Image
Home Alone
Home Alone 2 Information
Home Improvement Image
Independence Day Information
Independence Day (Stylus) Information
Indy 500 Sega Pocket Information
Inspector Gadget Information
Inspector Gadget (Life Cereal) Image
Invaders Image Image
Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road Image
James Bond Jr. Image
Jawbreaker Image
Jet Ski Information
Jim Henson’s Muppets My First Tiger Coach Kermit Video
Jim Henson’s Muppets Street Surfin’ Information
John Elway’s Electronic Quarterback Image
Jordan vs. Bird One on One Information
Judge Dredd
Jumble Electronic Word Game Information
Jurassic Park Information
Jurassic Park 3 T-Rex Image
Karate King Information
Keystone Kapers Information
King Arthur Image
King Kong Image Tandy brand
King Kong - alt Information Orlitronic brand
King Kong (Large Screen series) Image Orlitronic brand?
Kings of the Beach Image
Klobber Image
Lamb Chop & Friends Image
Lamb Chop's Play Alone Image
Land Of The Lost Image
Little Nemo - The Dream Master Image
LNF - Ligue Nationale de Football same as FIFA 98? Image
Looney Tunes Image
Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny 2 versions? Information Image
Looney Tunes: Daffy Duck
Looney Tunes: Road Runner Image
Looney Tunes Road Rally Riot Image
Lost In Space Image
Lucky Luke (Double Wide Screen) Information
Lucky Luke (Large Screen) Image
Madden 95 Information
Magic Johnson Basketball Image
Maison Hantee Image
Mama Ha Shogaku 4 Nensei Miruku Daisuki Mirai Chan Image Takara brand
Manchester United 2 different ones Images
Marble Madness Information
Mars Attacks! Information
Marsupilami Image
Masked Rider Image
MC Hammer: U Can't Touch This
McDonaldland Racing Team Image
Meeba Image
Mega Man 2 Information
Mega Man 3 Information
Mega Monster Video Image
Mermaid Adventures Image
Michael Jordan in Flight Image
Mickey & Friends Image
Mickey Mouse (Double Wide Screen) Information
Mickey Mouse (Shaped) Information
Mickey Mouse (newer) Image
Mighty Ducks Information
Mighty Max Image
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (72 series) Video Image
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (78 series) Image
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Solar Stealers Image
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (VRT-X) Image
Miner 2049er Information
Mini Golf Image
Miniature Golf Video Image
Miracle Girls Todoke! AI no Telepathy Image Takara brand
MLB Baseball Super Stars Image
Monster In My Pocket Image
Monster Maze Information
Monster Maze (calculator) Image Orlitronic brand?
Morphatrons Alien Information
Morphatrons Arachnid Image
Morphatrons Raptor Information
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 3 Image
Mortal Kombat Barcodzz Image
Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero Image
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Image
Motor Bike Racing Image Image
Mountain Biker Image
Mouse Maze Information
Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Information
Mr. Bullfrog Information
Ms. Pac-Man Information
Mulan Image
MVP Baseball Image
NBA Hang Time Image
NBA Jam Video Image
NBA Live 98 Image
New Kids On The Block Image
NFL Football does this exist? same as konami?
Nights into Dreams Information
Nights Into Dreams - Pocket Arcade Image
Ninja Image
Ninja Fighter Information
Ninja Fighter (alt)
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II: Dark Sword of Chaos Information
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship Of Doom Image
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Video Image
No Limits Downhill Skiing Information
Oddworld Inhabitants Image
Onc Piscou Information
One Golden Afternoon Image
Operation: Aliens
OutRun Information
OutRun F1 Information
Pac-Man (Double Wide Screen) Information
Pac-Man (Large Screen) Information
Paperboy Information
Paperboy 2 Information
Para Trooper / Parachutiste Image
Phantom 2040 - The Great Ghost Walks Again Image
Pin Bot Image
Pinball (version 1) Image
Pinball (version 2) Image
Pinball Wizard Image
The Pink Panther / La Panthere Rose (Large Screen) Information
The Pink Panther / La Panthere Rose (Double Wide Screen) Image
Pinocchio Image
Pit-Fighter Video Image
Pitfall Image
Play Action Football (1994) Information
Plugger Image
Pocahontas Image
Pogoman Image
Pokemon Cyclone does this exist?
Pokemon Cyclone 2
Pokemon Electronic Battle Arena
Pokemon I Choose You Challenge
Pokemon Poke Ball Electronic Ball Sean has one
Pokemon Pokedex Organizer
Pokemon Thundershock Pinball
Police Academy Image
Polly Pocket Image
Power Rangers Barcodzz Image
Power Rangers In Space Image
Power Rangers Turbo Image
Power Rangers Zeo Image
Price is Right
Primal Rage Image
Project Alien Image
Puffi Information
Puyolin Image
Puzzled! Image Grandstand brand
Pyramide Image
Racing 2 versions? Image
Rampage Image
Raptor Island Image
Resident Evil 2 Image
Road Race Image Yeno brand
Road Rash 3
Robin Hood
Robinsons Image
Robocop does this exist?
Robocop 2
Robocop 3
Robot Fighter
Rocko's Modern Life Image
Ronald McDonald Alphabet Fun
Rugrats Image
Rugrats Hot Potato Game
Rugrats Toy Tag
Run'n Jump Image
S.D.I. Image
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Image
Saved By The Bell Image
Scooby Doo
Screamin' Speedway Image
Sea Quest DSV Image
Sega Raceway Image
Shaq Attaq Monster Jam Image
Shark Bite Image
Shifty The Electronic Puzzle Information
Shinobi Image
Silver Surfer Image
Skateboarding Image
Skeet Shoot Image
Skeleton Warriors - The Dark Crusade
Skull & Crossbones Image
Sleeping Beauty Image
The Smurfs / Schtroumpfs Image
The Smurfs / Schtroumpfs (Large Screen) Image
The Smurfs / Schtroumpfs (Double Wide Screen) Image
The Smurfs (Tabletop)
Snakes Revenge Video
Snoopy’s Parachute Catch
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Image
Snow White Counting Diamond Mine
Snowboarding Image
Soccer Image
Soccer (alt) Image Image
Soccer (alt, 2)
Solar Jetman Image
Sonic 3D Blast Image
Sonic 3D Blast (Pocket Arcade) Image
Sonic Spinball Image
Sonic R Image
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Image
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Pocket Arcade) Image
Sonic Underground Image
Space Fight Image Yeno brand
Space Fight / Guerre de l'Espace Image
Space Harrier does this exist?
Space Harrier II
Space Invaders Image
Space Invaders (Large Screen) Image Orlitronic brand
Space Invaders (calculator) Image
Space Jam
Speed Boat Image
Spider-Man (newer) Image
Spider-Man Revenge of the Spider-Slayers Image
Spider-Man Webslinger
Sports Feel Baseball
Sports Feel Bowling
Sports Feel Fishing Champion
Sports Feel Golf
Sports Feel Jet Ski
Sports Feel Miniature Golf
Sports Feel Pool
Sports Feel Tennis
Sports Feel Virtual Fishing
Star Castle Image
Star Force Image Grandstand brand
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Image
Star Trek The Next Generation Image
Star Trek The Next Generation (newer) Image
Star Wars Death Star Escape
Star Wars Destroyer Droid Image
Star Wars Episode 1 Battle of Naboo
Star Wars Episode 1 Droid Fighter Attack
Star Wars Episode 1 Electronic Galactic Chess
Star Wars Episode 1 Gungan Sub Escape
Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Hunt
Star Wars Episode 1 Lightsaber Duel Image
Star Wars Episode 1 Naboo Escape
Star Wars Episode 1 Naboo Defense
Star Wars Episode 1 Podrace Challenge
Star Wars Episode 1 Underwater Race to Theed
Star Wars Episode 2 Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber Duel
Star Wars Galactic Battle
Star Wars Imperial Assault / Guerre Stellari Image
Star Wars Imperial Droid Armored Assault Tank
Star Wars Infiltrator Pen
Star Wars Millenium Falcon
Star Wars Millenium Falcon Sounds of the Force
Star Wars R2-D2 Ditto Droid Memory
Star Wars Rebel Forces Laser Game
Stargate Image
Starship Information
Stock Car Racing Image
Stone Age Dinosaurs Image
Stop! Fill-in-the-Blank Word Game
Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter 2 - VRT-X existence unconfirmed
Street Ninja Image
Street Sharks Image
Streets Of Rage Image
Streets Of Rage (Pocket Arcade) Image
Sub Wars Image
Submarine Wars Image
Sugar Ray Leonard: Talking Boxing Information
Super Arcade Pinball Image
Super Double Dragon
Super Monaco GP Image
Super Monaco GP (Pocket Arcade) Image
Super Password
Super Soaker Image
Super Sprint Image
Super Street Fighter 2 Image
Super Street Fighter 2 Tiger Barcodzz Image
Superman (72 series) Image
Superman (78 series) Image
Superman (newer) Image
Swamp Thing
TaleSpin Image
Talking Teach Play & Learn
Tank Attack Information
Tarzan Image
Tarzan (VRT-X) Image
Tarzan (newer) Image
Taz Mania Image
Tech Warriors Giga Fighters
Tecmo Bowl Image
Tecmo Super Bowl Image
Ten Pin Bowling Image Grandstand brand
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Dimension X Assault Image
Tenko And The Guardians Of The Magic Image
Tennis Image
Tennis (alt) Image Image
The Adventures Of Batman & Robin - Barcodzz Image
The Amazing Spider-Man Image
The Berenstain Bears Image
The Flash
The Flintstones (cartoon license) Image
The Flintstones (movie license) Image
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Information
The Incredible Crash Dummies
The Incredible Hulk (78 series) Image
The Incredible Hulk (newer) Image
The Jungle Book (72 series) Image
The Jungle Book (newer) Image
The Jungle Book (newer, alt) Image
The Lion King (72 series) Information
The Lion King (newer) Image
The Lion King (newer, alt) Image
The Lion King II Simba's Pride Image
The Lion King - Timon & Pumba Image
The Little Mermaid (72 series) Information
The Little Mermaid (newer) Image
The Little Mermaid (newer, alt) Image
The Lost World Image
Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas Not the same as "Nightmare Before Christmas" Image
The Pagemaster Image
The Perils Of Mickey Image
The Pink Panther (72 series) Image
The Powerpuff Girls Image
The Rescuers Down Under Image
The Rocketeer
The Rugrats Movie Image
The Shadow
The Simpsons 2 versions Images
The Simpsons Bart vs Homersaurus Image
The Terminator Video Image
Thumbelina Image
Thunder Blade Image
Thunderbirds: Blast Into Outer Place Image
Thunderbirds: Brink Of Disaster Image
Thunderbirds: Danger At Ocean Deep Image
Thunderbirds: Pit Of Peril Image
Tic Tac Total
Tiger's Baseball All Stars Image
Tilt Cub A New Evolution in Puzzle Games
Tiny Toon Adventures Image
Titan A.E.
Toe Jam & Earl Image
Tom and Jerry The Movie Image
Toy Story (72 series) Image
Toy Story (newer) Image
Toy Story (newer, alt) Image
Toy Story (newer, alt 2) Image
Transformers - Generation 2
Treasure Information
Treasure Trolls Image
Trekker Electronic Chess
Trick Shot Pool Image
Troll-a-Mania Image
Tug of Words
Uncle Scrooge
Universal Monsters Dracula Image
Universal Monsters The Mummy Image
Universal Monsters The Wolfman Image
Vectorman Image
Viper Image
Virtua Cop Image
Virtua Cop (Pocket Arcade) Image
Virtua Fighter Image
Virtua Fighter (Pocket Arcade) Image
VR Troopers: When Worlds Collide Image
Waterworld Image
Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull Shootout Hockey Image
Wayne’s World
WCW Diamond Dallas Page Image
WCW Goldberg Image
WCW Grudge Match Hollywood Hogan vs Goldberg Image
WCW Grudge Match ? vs Diamond Dallas Page Image
WCW Hollywood Hulk Hogan Power Fighter Image
WCW Nitro Goldberg
WCW Nitro Hollywood Hogan Image
WCW Nitro Sting Image
WCW Nitro The Giant
WCW NWO Thunder
WCW Whiplash
WCW New World Order Grudge Match Information
Wheelz Image
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (72 series) Image
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (78 series) Image
Wild West Showdown Image
World Games Information
Worldcup USA '94 Image
Worldwide Soccer Image
Worldwide Soccer (newer) Image
Wrestling Information
Wrestling (alt) Image
WWF Monday Night Raw Image
WWF Superstars Information
X-Men Information
X-Men (Talking) Video Image
X-Men Project X Video
X-Men Tiger Barcodzz Video Image
Yo, Yogi! Image
Z - The Mask Of Zorro Image
Zhero Microbot Image
Zig and Zag - In Yer Face Image
Zig and Zag - Revenge Of The Killer Toasters Image
Zoo Crew Image

LCD Handhelds (Tiger) (Unknown Processor)

LCD Handhelds (Tiger) (Unknown Processor)
Name Dumped In MAME? Notes
Head to Head Football Video
Head to Head Basketball does this exist?
Head to Head Racing Image
Head to Head Talking Baseball Information
Head to Head Talking Football Information
Head to Head Talking Tennis Information
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Video Information
Word Chaos Information
Bicycle Black Jack Image
Bicycle Casino Slots Information
Bicycle Handheld Poker Image
Bicycle Scratch Poker Information
Bicycle Solitaire Information
You Don’t Know Jack Manual Expansion pack.
Wheel of Fortune (12 carts?) Information
Wheel of Fortune Deluxe (3 carts?)
Wheel of Fortune Jr Video
Wheel of Fortune Slots Information
Name That Tune Carts? Video
Blue Diamonds Slot Machine Information
Caesars Palace 5 in 1 Information
Caesars Palace Electronic Blackjack Image
Caesars Palace Guide to Poker Image
Caesars Palace Roulette Image
Caesars Palace Spirit of ’76 Image
Caesars Palace Talking Horse Racing
Caesars Palace Talking Poker Image
Concentration Video
Family Feud 2 versions? 3 carts? Image
Hollywood Squares Image
Jeopardy 6 carts? Image
Jeopardy Deluxe 3 carts?
Hi Rev Racer Image
Jawbreaker Information

LCD Keychain (Tiger)

LCD Keychain (Tiger)
Name Dumped In MAME? Notes
Defender Image
Match 4
Moon Patrol
Sonic the Hedgehog
Star Wars Episode 1 Gian Speeder Chase Information

LCD Watches (Tiger)

LCD Watches (Tiger)
Name Dumped In MAME? Notes
Altered Beast Information
Batman Information
Batman Returns Information
Beauty and the Beast
Mega Man 2 Image
Ninja Gaiden
Robocop Information
The Simpsons
Street Fighter II
WWF Superstars Video

LCD Handhelds (Non-Tiger)

LCD Games (Non-Tiger)
Name Company Date Processor Dumped In MAME? Notes
Shuttle Voyage Tronica 1983 Sharp SM5xx
Space Rescue Tronica 1982 Sharp SM5xx
Thief in Garden Tronica 1983 Sharp SM5xx
Big Screen Tetris Radica 200?  ? Information
i.Racer Radica 19??  ? Same controller as the OutRun 2019 plug & play Image
Laden VS USA Panyu Gaming Electronic Co. 200?  ? Same game as Submarine Invasion on the cheaper "Popstation" series, Rik has one for artwork scanning.

LCD Handhelds (Konami)

LCD Games (Konami) (Sharp SM5xx)
Name Date Dumped In MAME? Notes
The Adventure of Bayou Billy 1989
Asterix 1992 Information.
Barbie 1992 Information.
Major League Baseball 1991 surf style case; same ROMs as below? Information. Japanese version.
Major League Baseball 1992 plate style case; same ROMs as above? Information.
Beatmania Pocket 1998 Information. Information. dif hw? Japan only
Beatmania Pocket 2 199? Information. dif hw? Japan only
Blades of Steel 1989
Bottom of the Ninth 19?? Information.
Bucky O'Hare 1991
Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce 1989 Information.
Contra 1989
DDR Pocket 1999 Information. dif hw? Japan only
DDR Pocket - Dear Daniel 1999 Information. dif hw? Japan only
DDR Pocket - Finger Step 1999 Information. dif hw? Japan only
DDR Pocket - Hello Kitty 1999 Information. dif hw? Japan only
DDR Pocket - Winnie The Pooh  ???? Information. dif hw? Japan only
Double Dribble 1989
NFL Football 1989 surf style case
NFL Football 1992 plate style case; same ROMs as above?
Football 19?? does this exist?
Antartic Adventure 1990 Information. Japan only
Garfield 1991
Goemon Ebisumaru Kikilppatsu 1990 Information. Japan only
Gradius 1989
Guitar Freaks Pocket 2000 Information. Information. dif hw? Japan only
The Lone Ranger 1989
Chequered Flag 1989 Information.
Bill Elliot's NASCAR Racing 1989 Information.
Para Para Paradise Pocket 2001 Information. dif hw? Japan only
Pop'n Music Pocket 1999 Information. dif hw? Japan only
Skate or Die 1989 Information.
Star Trek 1992 Information.
Star Trek 25th Anniversary 1990 Information.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1994 Information. Japan only
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 19?? Information. Same as TMNT?
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Four for Four 1992 Information.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 1990 Information.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 1991 Information.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Basketball 1989 Information.
Top Gun 1989
Top Gun: The Second Mission 19?? Information.
Top Gun: Airstrike 3 1992 Information.
Track & Field 198? made by Tandy? Information.
Track Star 1983 made by Tandy; licensed from Konami
World Cup Soccer 90 1991 Information.

Nintendo Game & Watch

Nintendo Game & Watch (Sharp SM5xx)
Title Year Model no. Dumped? In MAME?
Ball 1980 AC-01
Flagman 1980 FL-02
Vermin 1980 MT-03
Fire 1980 RC-04
Judge 1980 IP-05
Manhole 1981 MN-06
Helmet 1981 CN-07
Lion 1981 LN-08
Parachute 1981 PR-21
Octopus 1981 OC-22
Popeye 1981 PP-23
Chef 1981 FP-24
Mickey Mouse (Wide Screen) 1981 MC-25
Egg 1981 EG-26
Fire (Wide Screen) 1981 FR-27
Turtle Bridge 1982 TL-28
Fire Attack 1982 ID-29
Snoopy Tennis 1982 SP-30
Oil Panic 1982 OP-51
Donkey Kong 1982 DK-52
Donkey Kong Jr. 1982 DJ-101
Mickey & Donald 1982 DM-53
Green House 1982 GH-54
Donkey Kong II 1983 JR-55
Mario Bros. 1983 MW-56
Donkey Kong Jr. (Table Top) 1983 CJ-71
Mario's Cement Factory (Table Top) 1983 CM-72
Mario's Cement Factory 1983 ML-102
Snoopy (Table Top) 1983 SM-73
Rain Shower 1983 LP-57
Popeye (Table Top) 1983 PG-74
Manhole (Wide Screen) 1983 NH-103
Snoopy 1983 SM-91
Popeye (Panorama) 1983 PG-92
Donkey Kong Jr. (Panorama) 1983 CJ-93
Lifeboat 1983 TC-58
Mario's Bombs Away 1983 PB-94
Pinball 1983 PB-59
Spitball Sparky 1984 BU-201
Crab Grab 1984 UD-202
Mickey Mouse (Panorama) 1984 DC-95
Boxing 1984 BX-301
Donkey Kong 3 1984 AK-302
Donkey Kong Circus 1984 MK-96
Donkey Kong Hockey 1984 HK-303
Black Jack 1985 BJ-60
Tropical Fish 1985 TF-104
Squish 1986 MG-61
Super Mario Bros. 1986 YM-801
Climber 1986 DR-802
Balloon Fight 1986 BF-803
Bomb Sweeper 1987 BD-62
Super Mario Bros. (Special) 1987 YM-901-S
Safebuster 1988 JB-63
Super Mario Bros. (Wide Screen) 1988 YM-105
Climber (Wide Screen) 1988 DR-106
Balloon Fight (Wide Screen) 1988 BF-107
Gold Cliff 1988 MV-64
Zelda 1989 ZL-65
Mario the Juggler 1991 MJ-108
Ball (Reissue) 2010 RGW-001
Nu, pogodi! (Elektronika) 1984 Bootleg
Explorers of Space (Elektronika) 1989 Bootleg
Merry Cook (Elektronika) 1989 Bootleg
Space Bridge (Elektronika) 1989 Bootleg

Cyber Pets

Cyber Pets
Name Dumped In MAME? Processor
Giga Faces
Giga Pets 101 Dalmatians
Giga Pets Baby T-Rex
Giga Pets Bit Critter
Giga Pets Digipooch
Giga Pets Floppy Frog
Giga Pets Giga Pound
Giga Pets Kitty
Giga Pets Komputer Koala
Giga Pets The Little Mermaid
Giga Pets Looney Tunes
Giga Pets Pup
Giga Pets R2-D2
Giga Pets Rabbit
Giga Pets Rancor
Giga Pets Rugrats
Giga Pets Yoda

Plug & Play

Plug & Play listing.

Radica Genesis information.

Xavix information.

todo: find RedKid 2500 docs

Plug & Plays, clones and lesser/bootleg consoles.
Name Company Date Processor Dumped In MAME? Games In-built Games Notes
Taito Nostalgia 1 SSD Company LTD 2006 Xavix? The Legend of Kage, Golden Castle, The Revised Legend of Kage, Amazons Golden Castle 4 Information.
Taito Nostalgia 2 SSD Company LTD 2006 Xavix? KiKi KaiKai, Slap Fight, KiKi KaiKai Kackremboh, lap Fight Tiger 4 Information.
Namco Nostalgia 1 SSD Company LTD 2006 Xavix? Xevious, Mappy, Xevious: Scramble Mission, Mappy: Revenge of Nyamco 4 Information.
Namco Nostalgia 2 SSD Company LTD 2006 Xavix? Gaplus, Dragon Buster, Gaplus Phalanx, Dragon Buster 100 4 Information.
Namco Nostalgia 3 SSD Company LTD 200? Xavix? Bravoman, The Tower of Druaga, Bravoman (Arrangement), The Tower of Druaga (Arrangement) 4 (Cancelled)
Play TV Golf Radica 200?  ? 1 Information
Snowboarder Radica? 200? Xavix? 1 Video
EA Sports Big SSX Snowboarder Radica 2005 Xavix? 1 Video
Skateboarder Radica 2005 SPG240 (Sunplus QL8041C) 1 Sean has one Video
Family Tetris Radica ~ Elorg 2006  ? 1 Information
Golden Tee Golf Jakks Pacific 200? Generalplus GPAC800? 1 Video
Golden Tee Golf: Home Edition Radica ~ Farsight 2006 ELAN EU3A14 (6502 derived) 1
Space Invaders Radica ~ Taito 2004 ELAN EU3A05 (6502 derived) Space Invaders, Lunar Rescue, Colony 5, Qix, Phoenix 5
Tetris Radica ~ Elorg 2004 ELAN EU3A05 (6502 derived) Tetris (3 modes) 1
V.Smile Motion VTech 200?  ? See software list. N/A
VTech V.Smile Pro VTech 2007 LSI Zevio 1020 CD based. software list. N/A Also known as V.Flash
Vii Jungle Soft 2007 SPG243 Original plus carts in software list. 12 More carts?
Vii (8-bit)  ? 200? NES SoC  ? Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
V.Smile VTech 2005 SPG200 See software list. N/A In Vii driver. US/France/Germany dumped. UK needed? Partial dump?
V.Smile Baby VTech 2005 SPG200 See software list. N/A In Vii driver. US Dumped, Europe needed?
Game Explosion Game Essentials 200? NES SoC  ? List 40 In NES softlist.
Zone 40 Jungle Soft 200? SPG243? List 40
Zone 60 Jungle Soft 2010 SPG243 List 60 In Vii driver.
Wireless 60 Jungle Soft 2010 SPG243 List 60 In Vii driver.
Wireless Air 60 Jungle Soft 2010 SPG243? List 60 Video
Wireless Jungle Soft? 20?? SPG243? List 20 Video
Wall-E Jakks Pacific ~ HotGen 2008 SPG243 Original 1 In Vii driver. Dump correct? Video
The Batman Jakks Pacific ~ HotGen 2004 SPG243 Original 1 In Vii driver. Video
SpongeBob SquarePants Jakks Pacific ~ HotGen 2003 Winbond 2003 05 AA5853 Original games 5 Team Europe decapped one. Video
Pac-Man Retro Arcade Jakks Pacific ~ Namco 2002 NES SoC? Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Pac-Man Plus, Super Pac-Man, Pole Position, Galaga, Dig Dug, Bosconian, New Rally-X, Galaxian, Xevious, Mappy 12 Video
Atari TV Games Atari ~ Jakks Pacific 2002 NES SoC Adventure, Breakout, Centipede, Circus Atari, Gravitar, Missile Command, Pong, RealSports Volleyball, and Yar’s Revenge 10 Video
Activision TV Games Activision ~ Jakks Pacific 2005 NES SoC Pitfall! Alantis, River Raid, Spider Fighter, Crackpots, Freeway, Tennis, Boxing, Ice Hockey, and Grand Prix. 10 2 variants. Original released by Toy Max in 2000. Video
Mega Boy Compact  ? 199? MOS 6507?  ?  ? Image
TV Boy 2 Systema 199? MOS 6507? List 127 Information
Super TV Boy Akor 1995 MOS 6507 List 127 NTSC version? Video
TV Boy Systema 1992 MOS 6507 List 127 NTSC version? Information
Screen Search Jone Yuan Telephonic Enterprise, Co., Inc. 198? MOS 6507? (JY-0010N?)  ?  ? Games 209-256 are all repeats. Includes an unknown Datatech game at #87. 256 Partial split/dump in Atari 2600 softlist. Information
Mega Drive 4 AtGames ~ Sega 2009 Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 87 / 100 2 versions Video Information
Classic Game Console AtGames ~ Sega 20?? Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 80 2 wireless controllers Video
Arcade Classic Wireless Game Console AtGames ~ Sega 20?? Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 60 40 in-built, 20 on cart Video
Firecore AtGames ~ Sega 20?? Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 20 / 80 Many names, 3 versions. Information Incompatibility list
Genesis Gencore AtGames ~ Sega 2009 Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 20 Has cart slot. Video
Poga AtGames ~ Sega 2007 Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 20 / 30 2 versions Video
Ultimate Portable Game Player AtGames ~ Sega 2017 Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) List 85 Video 1 Video 2
Master System Super Compact TecToy ~ Sega 1994 Zilog Z80A There were three different releases of the Master System Super Compact in Brazil, each with a different built-in game. One with Alex Kidd in Miracle World, one with Sonic the Hedgehog and a "special edition" version with Super Futebol II. 1 A PAL-N version was also produced for the Uruguayan market. The design was also recycled for the Master System Girl. Information
Master System Girl TecToy ~ Sega 199? Zilog Z80A Mônica no Castelo do Dragão 1 A later variant has Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate and Sonic the Hedgehog as the built-in games Information
PlayPal Plug & Play AtGames ~ Sega 2006 Master System SoC (Noza) List 20 No cart slot. Information
Master System Handy TecToy ~ Sega 2004 Master System SoC 20 em 1 / Alex Kidd in Miracle World / Bank Panic / Black Belt / Hang On / Secret Commando / Sonic the Hedgehog / Woody Pop 8 No cart slot. Information
DVD Karaoke Game DVT-G100 TecToy ~ Sega 2009 Master System SoC List 100 Karaoke system. Information
Coby TF-DVD560 Coby ~ Sega 2006 Master System SoC List 12 DVD Player. Information
Arcade Soccer Hero AtGames ~ Sega 200? Genesis SoC (RedKid/RedKid 2) Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle / Arrow Flash / Columns / Columns III / Crack Down / Fatal Labyrinth / Dr. Robitnik’s Mean Bean Machine / Flicky / Sonic the Hedgehog / Sonic the Hedgehog 2 / Sensible Soccer International 11 Video
Arcade Gamer Portable AtGames ~ Blaze ~ Sega 200? Master System SoC (Noza) List 30 I recall this being dumped once. Handheld, also known as BlazeGear Video
Fun Play 20-in-1 AtGames ~ Freetron ~ Sega 2009 Master System SoC (Noza) List 20 No cart slot. Wii-clone waggle controls. Video 1 Video 2
Master System Evolution Tectoy ~ Sega 2009 Master System SoC List 132 Brazil exclusive with some original games. Video Information. PCB
Master System 3 Tectoy ~ Sega 2008 Master System SoC List 131 Brazil exclusive with some original games. Information. Video
Genesis Collection Volume 1 (USA) Radica Games ~ Sega 2004 Genesis SoC Sonic The Hedgehog / Altered Beast / Golden Axe / Kid Chameleon / Dr.Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine / Flicky 6 Europe version needed.
Genesis Collection Volume 2 Radica Games ~ Sega 200? Genesis SoC Sonic The Hedghog 2 / Ecco the Dolphin / Gain Ground / The Ooze / Columns / Alex the kid & the enchanted castle 6 I think I may have a one, only the PCB, needs dumping. PCB Video
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (and Ghouls'n Ghosts) (Europe) Radica Games ~ Capcom ~ Sega 2005 Genesis SoC Street Fighter II / Ghouls N' Ghosts 2 US version needed.
Sensible Soccer Plus Radica Games ~ Sega ~ Virgin Interactive 2005 Genesis SoC Sensible Soccer / Cannon Fodder / Mega-Lo-Mania 3 UK exclusive. PCB Video
Menacer Radica Games ~ Sega 200? Genesis SoC Rockman's Zone / Frontline / Ready, Aim, Tomatoes! / Whackball / Pest Control / Space Station Defender 6 Lightgun only. Photos and information. Video 1 Video 2
Super Sonic Gold Radica Games ~ Sega 2006 Genesis SoC Sonic The Hedgehog / Sonic The Hedgehog 2 / Sonic Spinball / Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 4 Video 1 Video 2
EA Sports (NTSC) Jakks Pacific ~ Sega ~ EA 2004 Genesis SoC NHL 95 / Madden NFL 95 2 2 player version exists too Video 1 Video 2
EA Sports (PAL) Jakks Pacific ~ Sega ~ EA 2004 Genesis SoC NHL 95 / Fifa 95 2 2 player version exists too Video
OutRun 2019 Radica Games ~ Sega 200? Genesis SoC OutRun 2019 1 Odd controller. Video

Electronic Chess

Electronic Chess
Name Company Year Processor Dumped? In MAME? Notes
Tiger Chess Voice Master Tiger Electronics 1998  ? Information

LED Games

LED Games
Name Company Year Processor Dumped? In MAME? Notes
2 In 1 (Safari & Darts) Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information
2 In 1 (Space Invader & Gone Fishin’) Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information
Asteroid Blaster Tiger Electronics 1998  ? Information
Computer Baseball Tiger Electronics 1979  ? Information
Deluxe Lights Out Tiger Electronics  ?  ?
Half Court Basketball Tiger Electronics 1979  ? Information
Lights Out Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Lights Out Cube Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Lights Out 2000 Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Owly Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information
Playmaker Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information
Playmaker Deluxe Football Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information
Punch Your Lights Out Tiger Electronics 1988  ? Information
Raceway Tiger Electronics 1978  ? Information
Rocket Pinball Tiger Electronics 1979  ? Information
Sub Wars Tiger Electronics 1980  ? Information
Think Tank Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information
7-in-1 Sports Stadium Tiger Electronics 1982 TMS1000
Ditto Tiger Electronics 1981 TMS1000
Copycat (model 7-520) Tiger Electronics 1979 TMS1000
Copycat (model 7-522) Tiger Electronics 1989 TMS1000
Copycat Jr Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information

VFD Games

VFD Games
Name Company Year Processor Dumped? In MAME? Notes
Tutankham Konami 19??  ? Information
Jawbreaker (Tabletop) Tiger Electronics 19??  ? Information

Electronic Toys

Electronic Toys
Name Company Year Processor Dumped? In MAME? Notes
Monsters Inc Scream Catcher Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Major League Home Run Blast Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Image
Lite 3 Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Light Wars Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Let’s Make A Deal Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Lastout You Lose Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Jeff Gordon’s Dupont Pacesetter Games Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Henry Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Goosebumps Haunted Headstone Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Franklin the Turtle’s Follow Me Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Image
Connections Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Boardz Freestyle Frenzy Electronic Skate Board Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Brain Bash Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Brain Shift Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Brain Warp Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Harry Potter Magic Spell Challenge Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Spell Down Tiger Electronics 1988  ? Information
The Empire Strikes Back Quiz Whiz Tiger Electronics 1997  ? Information
Goldberg Smash & Bash Wrestling Game Fear the Spear Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Bird Brain: The Electronic Talking, Squawking Memory Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
100 Acre Wood Electronic Learning Center Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Winnie the Pooh Counting Carrots Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Video
Winnie the Pooh Learning Pond Sight and Sound Alphabet and Numbers Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Winnie the Pooh Farmer Pooh Smart Sticks Tiger Electronics  ?  ? Information
Electronic Number Muncher VTech 1989 Sharp SM5xx