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Vertigo Cabinet.jpg
Developer(s) Exidy
Release date(s) 1984
Arcade display Vector

Exidy had two games named Vertigo.

The first was a vector predecessor to Tunnel Hunt, developed by Owen Rubin at Atari as Tube Chase (Prototype) around 1981-1982. In Exidy’s version, the prototype game was packed into a cockpit cabinet. After building a small test run, however, Exidy decided it didn’t want the game after all. This was never released by Exidy.

There is a short video clip of this Vertigo (we believe) about 14-15 minutes into the 2007 CNBC special on the history of video games titled "Game On: The Unauthorized History of Video Games". Nolan Bushnell is playing the game. (That's him in the attached cabinet image.)


The second Vertigo was a vector graphics game mounted in a huge cockpit cabinet that actually swiveled and spun about. The system was called the "XCD-1 Simulator System" developed by Fifty 50, Inc. Vic Tolomei was the primary software developer for Vertigo, Howell Ivy was responsible for the hardware, and Pete Kaufmann and Ken Nicholson designed the graphics and audio respectively.

This Vertigo was later updated and renamed Vortex, before becoming Exidy's Top Gunner. Vertigo is thought to be the prototype for Top Gunner, using the same hardware, despite being produced roughly two years before Top Gunner. Vertigo-marked PCBs have been found before, but contained Top Gunner ROMs.

According to Howell Ivy, Exidy built about 150 units but only sold a fraction of those. Vertigo was shopped around but never picked up due to poor location test results and excessive hardware costs.

Supposedly a complete example still exists in the hands of one of the above Exidy developers, but the owner has no interest in selling or even letting pictures be taken of it.

The admin found a control panel and manual (and a few other parts) for Vertigo years ago.

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