War Mission

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War Mission
Developer(s) Electrónica Funcional Operativa (EFOSA)
Release date(s) 1987
Arcade system(s) Magnet System
Arcade display raster

The Dumping Union dumped one, and now also has an alternate revison.


In the BOCYL (Official Bulletin of Castile and León) number 89 from May 10, 2010, there appears registered to Electrónica Funcional Operativa (EFOSA) five titles. One is "War Mission".

In War Mission, an aerial battle is simulated. The game allows for one or two players. Each player controls the movements and shots of a war aircraft, which must destroy the enemies it finds in its way, dodging its shots.

The scenario of the game goes through different phases that are alternating indefinitely and are of three types:

  • The aircraft of each player flies over land where there are tanks and bunkers of different sizes.
  • The aircraft of each player flies over the sea where there are warships of different types: aircraft carriers, battleships, submarines and speedboats.
  • The aircraft of each player flies over land and is attacked by aircraft squadrons of various models.

The score is obtained by the number and importance of destroyed enemies.

At a given score you will get new reserve aircraft. The game ends when all the reserves available to the player have been lost.

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